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Wikipedia Education Program
Media coverage
Welcome to the Newsroom! :) The newsletter is published at the middle of each month. The deadline is the 10th of each month. Submissions are welcome from anyone involved with Wikipedia/Wikimedia and education. Click the edit tab at the top of this page to add your news. Concerned about your English or your writing skills? We can write your article for you! Click here for help. Thank you for contributing to This Month In Education. :)

Wikipedia Education Collaborative welcomes five new members[edit]

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Wikimedia Deutschlands recent activities: events, events and more events[edit]

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Digital agenda for education and open badges to be tested[edit]

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Something for a snippet (?): Visualizing the learning process and the design of Wikipedia assignments with open badges is what Wikimedia Sweden is trying out this term.

Working with Wikipedia expands at Tec de Monterrey[edit]

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snippet (Working with Wikimedia projects at Tec de Monterrey is slowly but surely expanding, mostly on the Mexico City Campus but there is promise in other campuses as well.

Most successful Czech course continues again this year[edit]

Text now at [5] snippet A course of Elementary Law will maintain its presence on Wikipedia after a very successful project in the last school year.

Articles of interest in other publications[edit]

Black-Market Learning or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Wikipedia[edit]

Academic opinions of Wikipedia and open access will improve with more active involvement[edit]

"...Survey shows negative views of Open Access publishing tied to lack of experience with open access..."

Smart offers free access to Wikipedia until February next year[edit]

"...Through Smart’s Tap&Learn [program], Wikipedia Philippines representatives are helping train educators from public elementary and secondary schools across the country on how to use Wikipedia to enhance the learning experience of their students, and for their own professional development...."

Wikimedia and RELPE present a free course[edit]

Wikimedia Argenting and the Latin American Web of Educational Portals have created an online course about the principles of free culture and how it relates to education and new technologies.

Wikipedia may reinvent school testing[edit]

This article in Brazilian mazagine Galeiu (in Portuguese) gives an overview of Wikipedia education efforts in the country and what it means for student evaluation.


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