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February 2010
March 2010
  • March 4: Dutch Chapter: Jose Spierts gives workshop for librarians in public library of Vlissingen
  • until March 7: Dutch Chapter: Exposition in the Maritiem Museum in Rotterdam of Wiki loves art photographs
  • March 9: Italian Chapter: Lorenzo Losa and Ignazio Ligotti(Wikimedia Italia) meet the Florence Linux User Group.
  • March 12 : French chapter : conference on Wikipedia and the Web 2.0
  • March 13: Dutch Chapter: General Assembly
  • March 13: French chapter: General Assembly
  • March 20: Italian Chapter: General Assembly in Pistoia
  • March 20 : French chapter: Workshop on Wikipedia & other projects in a public library in Pacé
  • March 20 : French chapter: Workshop on Wikipedia & other projects in a public library in Paris
  • March 21: New York Chapter: Wikipedia Meetup NYC Salon
  • March 22 : French chapter: conference on cognitive sciences.
  • March 23: Dutch Chapter: Hay Kranen speaks at SPE Energy Conference
  • March 24: Dutch Chapter: Jose speaks at SPE Student Workshop, The Next Generation Of Intelligent Energy
  • March 25: Dutch Chapter: Hay speaks at Digital Library conference
  • March 25: Dutch Chapter: Working group for Wikimedians on Wikipedia & cultural heritage
  • March 26: Italian Chapter: Maurizio Codogno (Wikimedia Italia) speaks at the EVPSI conference in Turin.
  • March 26-27: Italian Chapter: Marcok (Wikimedia Italia) speaks at the Open Didactics conference in Verona.
  • March 27: Hong Kong Chapter: General Assembly
  • March 27–28: Polish Chapter: Wikimedia Poland Conference
  • March 29 : French chapter: debate about collective intelligence in Paris
  • March 31 : French chapter: conference in Toulouse about Wikipedia and other projects.
  • March 31-April : French chapter: 3-day conference and workshop about internet, free licences and citizen involvement in internet. In Nanterre
April 2010
  • April 10 : Swiss Chapter: General Assembly
  • April 10 : French chapter : workshop on Wikipédia at Viroflay
  • April 14–18: German Chapter: Wikipedia Conference and Board of Trustees meeting
  • April 17 : French chapter : Conference on Wikipédia at Viroflay
  • April 17 : French chapter : workshop on Wikipédia at Viroflay
  • April 20: Czech Chapter has a booth at LinuxExpo in Prague
  • April 24: WMUK: Open Knowledge Conference 2010/AGM
  • April (TBA): 50th Meet-up in Hong Kong
May 2010
June 2010
  • June 19: Wikimedia Italy, Milan: Laurentius (WMI) speaks at the morning conference of the MusiCamp 2010.
  • June 22: Wikimedia Italy, Milan: Cristian Consonni (WMI) will hold a seminar about free licenses at the "Walter Tobagi" journalism school of the University of Milan
  • June (TBA): Hong Kong Chapter: Anniversary Conference
August 2010
  • August 5-8: Wikimedia Hungary organises a WikiCamp in Nagykanizsa
September 2010
October 2010
  • October 23: Cristian Consonni (Wikimedia Italia board member) delivers a lecture about free and proprietary licenses during the Linux Day in Lecco.
  • October 23: Andrea Zanni (Wikimedia Italia board member) talks about Wiki at the EAVIcamp in Modena
  • October 27: A workshop/presentation on how to edit Wikipedia at the National Széchényi Library in Budapest.
  • October 29-November 1: Wikimedia Italia and its WikiWall are involved in the 24th edition of Lucca Comics & Games
November 2010
  • November 5–7: „Where? Whither? How?” (GDJ) – strategic planning conference of Polish Wikipedia community in Jabłonna (near Warsaw), Poland
  • November 12–13: Two day wikimeetup in Veszprém, Hungary, including a lecture at Pannon University and Wikimedia Hungary's General Meeting
  • November 19–21: „Sabat” – workshop and brainstorming for users from Wikimedia (without Wikipedia) projects in Poznań, Poland
  • November 27–28: GLAM-WIKI:UK – conference to build relationships between the culture sector and Wikimedia at the British Museum, London
March 2011
April 2011
June 2011