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Overview of the campus
Overview of the campus

The Mexico City campus was the first to systematically experiment and organize Wikipedia/Wikimedia activities with Tec de Monterrey students.

Participating faculty and others

  • Leigh Thelmadatter - Profesor of English as a Foreign Language
  • Lourdes Epstein, Professor of Humanities and Ethics
  • Martha Gómez, Professor of AEV, EVAP and Fundamentos at Tec de Monterrey, Campus Ciudad de México
  • Alvaro Alvarez - Coordinator of Wikipedia activities at Campus Santa Fe
  • Juan Carlos Olmedo - Director of Mati-Tec (involved administratively with Mati Wiki)
  • Tony Alcalá, Professor of Contemporary Literature and Coordinator of English classes at Tec de Monterrey, Campus Ciudad de México
  • Antonia Lopez - are one and only true "volunteer" in the sense that she is not a student or teacher at the Tec de Monterrey
  • Martha Carrillo, Professor of English at Tec de Monterrey, Campus Ciudad de México
  • Claudia Escobar, Professor of Introduction to public policies, Introduction to international development and Challenges of contemporary society at Tec de Monterrey, Campus Ciudad de México
  • Artemisa Martínez, Professor of Spanish and Communicative skills at Tec de Monterrey, Campus Ciudad de México


Student Wikipedian Andoni Sumuano recording pronunciations of Mexican place names to be put into articles

This is for students needing to complete community service hours. Most of these are undergraduates completing degree requirements but it also includes some International Baccelaureate students as well.

This is geared toward more tradtional academic work with classes, but it also includes activities with Semana i and other projects such as the Day of the Dead photo contest sponsored by the campus library system.

This is a pilot project in which Tec de Monterrey collaborates with select students from various local primaries schools to document local neighbhorhoods in Wikipedia and other projects.

The Mexico City campus has donated almost 2,000 photographs from the archives of the campus newspaper, Talento Tec.

Wiki Metrics


Spring 2018 Ciudad de México


Rebuilding of the campus and the Wiki Learning program continues this semester. For various reasons, we have decided not to renew our user group affiliation status although we continue as an independent education program.

Two groups of students doing Wiki work for social service hours under the names of Wikiservicio and Creative Commoners (for multimedia projects).

Fall 2017 Ciudad de México

One of the projects finished this semester.

Wiki Learning in this semester was severely affected by the two earthquakes that struck Mexico during September 2017. The affects in Chiapas limited a project there, but the main consequence was the near-total destruction of the Mexico City campus, where most Wiki Learning activities take place. It resulted in the cancelation of 3 Wiki projects planned for the annual Semana i week student projects on that campus.

However, work continued with students in a couple of classes and in the two groups of students earning "servicio social" community service hours. These include the termination of a couple of semesters-long video projects. Servicio social work is shifting away from writing in Spanish Wikipedia to multimedia work directly benefiting Wikimedia Commons.

  • 2 classes with 1 teachers and 39 students
  • 2 groups of servicio social with 32 students total
  • 45 articles improved in Spanish Wikipedia
  • 15 articles translated from English to Spanish
  • 307 photographs
  • Videos, gifs and animations files (finished)

File:VocholFinal.webm File:StopMotion-fixed.webm File:Gif -AtomosSolido 01.gif File:Gif -AtomosGas 02.gif File:Gif -AtomosLiquid 03.gif File:DoctorAntonioAlcala 01.webm MarthaGomez.webm

5 original music files for use in video and animation projects

Summer 2017 Cuidad de México


Wiki Learning is in the process of rebuilding/reorganizing.

  • 0 classes
  • 1 student in Wikiservicio
  • 12 students in Wikipedistas Residentes (AV group)
  • 4 articles translated from English to Spanish
  • Worked on 7 videos (2 interviews, 2 long animations and 4 short animations) but only 3 are uploaded so far due to technical issues

Spring 2017 Cuidad de México


These numbers were taken from the Dashboard tool. It is unknown how accurate they are. We know that somewhere between 30 and 40% of articles created or modified by students this semester were erased or reverted by a group of users in Spanish Wikipedia. We had no problems in any other project.



Discourse and academic writing

  • 17 editors
  • 26 articles (14 in Spanish, 12 in English)
  • 28 articles edited
  • 1.48K edits
  • 56.1 words added

Arte y cultura contemporánea

  • 42 editors
  • 7 articles created in Spanish Wikipedia
  • 35 articles edited
  • 274 edits
  • 28.2K words added
  • 4 files added to Commons

EVAP Grupo 12

  • 31 editors
  • 12 articles created
  • 13 articles edited
  • 353 edits
  • 24.4K words added
  • 61 files to Wikimedia Commons

EVAP Grupo 14

  • 28 editors
  • 10 articles created
  • 10 articles edited
  • 307 edits
  • 12.7K words added
  • 2 photos uploaded to Commons

EVAP Grupo 19

  • 14 editors
  • 8 articles created
  • 14 articles edited
  • 145 edits
  • 12.1K words added
  • 58 files to Wikimedia Commons


  • 8 editors
  • 151 articles edited
  • 866 edits
  • 1.54K words added

Wikiservico Spring 2017

  • 17 editors
  • 36 articles created
  • 164 articles edited
  • 1.68K edits
  • 268K words added
  • 1086 files added to Commons

Wikipedistas Residentes


Fall 2016 Cuidad de México


Servico social

  • 41 editors
  • 80 articles created
  • 218 articles edited
  • 2.32K total edits
  • 873K words adde
  • 1.272 files uploaded to Commons (185 files of pronunciations in Nahatl and Totonac, 7 files of synthesizer sounds, 8 files related to kalimba tuning)

Semana i

  • 45 editors
  • 64 articles created
  • 84 articles edited
  • 531 total edits
  • 69.8K words added
  • 3.255 photos uploaded
  • 5 interviews with members of the Salón de la Plástica Mexicana
  • 7 recording of Mexican traditional music and 1 pdf of a music score

Arte contemporáneo y sociedad

  • 43 editors
  • 12 articles created
  • 99 articles edited
  • 391 total edits
  • 79.4K words added
  • 191 photos to Commons

AEV Grupo 15 ago-dic 2016

  • 29 editors
  • 24 articles created
  • 29 articles edited
  • 427 total edits
  • 61.6K words added

AEV Grupo 22 ago-dic 2016

  • 17 editors
  • 13 articles created
  • 13 articles edited
  • 337 total edits
  • 32K words added

EVAP Grupo 12 ago - dic 2016

  • 26 editors
  • 2 articles created
  • 3 articles edited
  • 219 total edits
  • 3.09K works added

Discourse and Academic Writing Group 1 Fall 2016 ( and

  • 23 editors
  • 50 articles created
  • 72 articles edited
  • 2.19K total edits
  • 155K words added

Summer 2016 Ciudad de Mexico

  • 31 student and 1 teacher participant
  • 9,636,110 added to Spanish Wikipedia
  • 128 articles created or expanded (100 created, 28 expanded), all through translation
  • 271 articles edited
  • 3.86K total edits
  • 31 editors
  • 1.82 M words added
  • 787K articles views (as of 31 July 2016)
  • 82 photographs to Wikimedia Commons
  • 3 videos in collaboration with the Salón de la Plástica Mexicana and Pro Natura

Spring 2016 Ciudad de Mexico

  • 81 students and 2 teacher participants
  • 4,702,517 bytes added to Spanish Wikipedia
  • 312,624 bytes added to English Wikipedia
  • 98 articles translated from enwiki to eswiki to create or rewrite articles in Spanish
  • 11 new articles written in eswiki
  • 6 new articles written in enwiki
  • 4 video interview with Wikimedians in education
  • 1 video tutorial on who to translate articles from enwiki to eswiki
  • 2 videos in collaboration with the Museo de Arte Popular
  • 20 photos related to Tepoztlan, Morelos

Fall 2015 Campuses Santa Fe and Ciudad de México


According to Wikimetrics tool....

  • 9,589,918 bytes to Spanish Wikipedia
  • 3,098 edits to the mainspace of Spanish Wikipedia

Manual count

  • 302 student and teacher participants
  • 281 Spanish Wikipedia articles created or significantly expanded
  • 6,057 photographs
  • 10 videos
  • 9 articles in English Wikipedia
  • 2 articles in French Wikipedia
  • 1 article in Swedish Wikipedia
  • 1 article in Danish Wikipedia

Summer 2015 Campus Ciudad de México

  • 19 participants of servicio social
  • 3,703,182 bytes added to Spanish Wikipedia
  • 1,045 edits in namespace only
  • 81 articles created or significantly expanded

Spring 2015 Campus Ciudad de México

  • 885 participants with username
  • 51 classes + participants at the Experiencias Retadoras editathon
  • 11,298,577 bytes added to Spanish Wikipedia
  • 21,608 edits (includes userpages, etc.)
  • 3700 pages created (includes userpages, etc.)

Fall 2014 Campus Ciudad de México

Student working on translating a Wikipedia article from German to Spanish

Work done by 9 classes and students working with Servicio Social and CAS from Aug 6 to Dec 6 2014

  • 4,560,436 bytes added to
  • 186 articles in created or significantly improved, one article created in
  • to Commons: 3,838 photographs and three videos

For all photos related to Fall 2014 please go here.

Summer 2014 Campus Ciudad de México


Work done by servicio social students from June 1 to Aug 1 2014

  • 3,457,556 bytes added to
  • 132 articles in created or significantly improved. (26 written from scratch, 1 extended (5x) and the rest as a result of translation)
  • to Commons: 601 photographs, 7 charts related to business and 57 digital animations.

For all photos related to this session, please go here.

Spring 2014 Campus Ciudad de México


Students from Community, Action, Service (International Baccalaureate) and Servicio social added:

  • 2,452,656 bytes of information to Spanish Wikipedia
  • 1976 files uploaded to commons (26 of these are maps of Mexico City boroughs)
  • 77 articles translated from English Wikipedia to Spanish Wikipedia
  • 2 new articles written in Spanish Wikipedia
  • 1 post to the Wikimedia Foundation Blog

For all photos related to this semester, please go here.

Fall 2013 Campus Ciudad de México


Students from Community, Action, Service (International Baccalaureate) and Servicio social added:

  • 66,525 bytes added to Spanish Wikipedia / 10 new articles
  • 104 sound files to Commons, mostly pronunciations of articles on Mexican places and cultural topics
  • Second Day of the Dead Wiki Style photo contest resulting in 274 photographs to Commons

Spring 2013 Campus Ciudad de México


Students from Inglés para Médicos

Students from CAS/Servicio Social

  • 101,094 bytes added to Spanish Wikipedia
  • 27 articles created or expanded

Holy Week photo contest

  • 178 photos to Commons

Fall 2012 Campus Ciudad de México


Communcations, First Day of the Dead Wiki Style photo contest

  • 5 articles uploaded related to communcations and Mexico
  • 412 photographs uploaded related to Mexico's Day of the Dead

Fall 2011, Campus Ciudad de México


English and other projects

  • 75,716 bytes added to Spanish Wikipedia

Spring 2011, Campus Ciudad de México


Communications course, five new articles uploaded to

Herramientas útiles


Extensión de cursos, para documentar y manejar los proyectos de los alumnos

Para pedir permiso de agregar cursos al programs