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Courses working with Wikipedia[edit]

Español Básico[edit]

Student studying Spanish as a foreign language, basic level were required to upload various photographs related to things they see in Mexico, creating descriptions in Spanish and their native languages. The purposes of the assignment were to increase cultural awareness, writing in Spanish and increase vocabulary. The category for theses photographs are Photos from Español Bástica Martínez

Participants: Fribae, Celinedenise, scslattery, A01298560, Lindblom.elin, Obrienl11

Sample photographs by the group

Comunicación y estudios de medios[edit]

es: Ley para la Protección de Personas Defensoras de los Derechos Humanos y Periodistas,

Dia de Muertos Estilo Wiki Photo Contest[edit]

Entries can be seen here [1] We recieved 293 photographs on time from 47 participants. First report in This Month in GLAM Second report in This Month in GLAM

Best photo[edit]

Día de muertos Lerma.jpg

Most original photo (Xantolo in Veracruz)[edit]

Baile tradicional del Festival "Xantolo" en la Huasteca Veracruzana..JPG

Other photos[edit]