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  • In the second semester of 2016 academic year (1st February - 31st July 2017), the Wikimedia community in Taiwan has collaborated with 4 class in Universities as Wikipedia Education Programs. There are totally 116 participants, expanded 89 pages (44 pages newly created).
  • There is no strategic plans or organizations for Wikipedia Education Programs in Taiwan. The main work is done by the following stakeholders: Wikimedia Taiwan, National Taiwan University Wikipedia Student Club, and individual volunteers.
  • The bright spots are: the design of curriculum pages are helpful for the process of the programs, the articles from the programs maintain high quality, and instructors value the program highly.
  • The hot spots are: the organizational capacity of Wikimedia Taiwan, our primary priority is to establish the standard operation process and training material, so we can assist the volunteers of the education programs; also we should improve the interaction with students, so these new users will have higher survival rate after the courses are over.

The collaboration of Wikipedia community and universities in Taiwan, the earliest case can be traced back to the summer vacation in 2006. At that time, Wikimedians work with student club of National Taiwan University(NTU) to host events combined with Campus Tour and Editing on Wikipedia .[1] In 2012, NTU started a course editing Wikipedia as the main goal of it. In 2014, the National ChengChi University (NCCU) collaborate with Wikimedia Taiwan for its very first time on the course "World Ethnology". Since then, the course becomes a regular class in every second semester of the academic year in NCCU. [2]

According to the schedule of educational institutions in Taiwan, academic year starts on 1st August of every year and ends on 31st July of its next year. (For example, the academic year 2016 starts on 1st August 2016, and ends on 31st July.) One academic year contains two semesters, the first semester starts from 1st August and ends 31st January of its next year, the second semester starts on 1st February and ends on 31st July. Every year starts from the late January till the mid-February there is four weeks long winter vacation, this vacation separates the two semesters of the same academic year; from the late June to mid-September there are ten weeks long summer vacation, this vacation separates the two academic years. In this article, we will introduce how the universities collide with the Wikimedia Movement in Taiwan in the second semester of the academic year 2016, which is the time from 1st February 2017 to 31st July (Among them school days are from 16 February till 28 June, but different colleges may have 1 week variance). The reason for us to document this semester with such details is that in 2016, the Wikimedia movement in Taiwan has a great leap in building the partnership with universities. We believe that the stories in these six months may have a major impact in the direction of Wikipedia Education Programs in the next couple of years.

I will debrief the status of development in the following 3 schools: National Taiwan University (NTU), National ChengChi University (NCCU), and TzuChi University (TCU). Apart from that, Chung Shan Medical University (CSMU) did education program in the beginning of the year 2017, but due to the school administration, the program is unable to sustain. The situation in CSMU will also be explained in this report, to further reflect the potential unexpected factor when doing the partnership with universities in Taiwan.

The whole report is composed of 3 chapters:

Chapter one is the part you are reading now which is to explain briefly about the background of the universities in Taiwan and the structure of this report.

Chapter two is the partner stories of a few universities. In each story, there will be 3 sections to explain the partnership thoroughly. Section one will introduce the background of the partnering university and the way we collaborate; Section two we will use the quantitative way, by interviews of the key volunteers who push forwards of the partnership to showcase in the process what are the details of the outreach work, the most satisfied things, the most challenging issues, and the support they would like to see in the future; Section three will provide the statistics of impact in the partnership (but the case of CSMU will skip this section.)

Chapter three will be the aggregate analysis of the partnership building of Wikimedia Movement and universities in Taiwan. Wikimedia Taiwan will provide our lesson learned in this chapter.

Partner Stories

National Taiwan University


National Taiwan University (NTU) main campus site is located at Da-an District, Taipei City, Taiwan. It is regarded by most of the Taiwanese people as the best local university. Most of the high school students who perform well in academic subjects choose to go to NTU as their goal of pursuing higher education. It also has got a long history as the first university established in Taiwan in 1928.

NTU Wikipedia Student Club has established since 2006. However, it was unable to recruit new club members, so after the graduation of founding members, the club development has been stagnated. In the academic year 2016, Peace(和平奮鬥救地球), an undergraduate of the department of physics and also an administrator of Chinese Wikipedia, reinitiates the club. Because the club is recognized by the school administration, it has the right to request for internal resources of the university, such as using classroom in low or even free price to host events, so when speaking of the collaboration between Wikimedia projects and NTU, it is mainly by the club, the chapter Wikimedia Taiwan passively provide assistance only when the club request.

The NTU club has hosted a lot of events in the academic year 2016. They host an activity every two weeks, which mostly invited speeches or tutorials from long term Wikipedians. Moreover, they have also hosted two project event, one for each semester:

  1. The Editathon of East and South East Asia: Co-host with Wikimedia Taiwan, it is the campaign of Wikipedia Asian Month. [3]
  2. NTU Azalea Festival: the Azalea Festival is one of the annual events of NTU, it is in the format of expositions to have booths of academic departments and student clubs. In the festival, the faculty and students will introduce the high school students about the features of their departments and clubs so to attract them to apply for NTU in the future. [4]

In the campus of NTU, there have been some ideas and practices by professors to integrate their curriculum with Wikipedia. After they heard of the reinitiation of the Student Club, they have started to request the help from the club members to assist them with the curriculum. In the second semester of the academic year 2016, the Club sets up the partnership with two courses which are:

  • Language and Mind, the instructor is Professor Chenhao Chiu, the audience of this course is for both undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Cultural History of East Asian Ceramics, the instructor is Prof. Ching-fei Shih, the audience of this course is for both undergraduate and graduate students.

The key person that bring back the NTU club is User: 和平奮鬥救地球 would graduate from NTU and be busy in building his career in the summer of 2017, he had his wiki-vacation in his final semester. User:Ulysses Yang, student from department of history, and User:烈羽 become the new leader of NTU club. They would keep running the NTU club. The first challenge for these two leaders is to recruit more freshman, to keep the club running well.

From Community organizer

Here is the organizers from educational project of NTU, they are also the coordinators in NTU club. By the time sequence, here is what they have done:

  1. After being sure that editing Wikipedia is a part of the class, NTUWPC will establish a page for the class.

In the beginning of the semester, some of the teacher would invite the member from NTU club to teach students how to use Wikipedia to do their assignment.

  1. Around the time when after the mid-term exams, there will be a tutorial lesson from the members of NTUWPC to introduce the class about the anatomy of Wikipeida, and some important policies such as reference and neutral point of view (NPOV).
  2. Between the time period from mid-term to final exams, the class participants edit Wikipedia in their sandboxes. NTUWPC members then patrol the students' edits to check whether they have copyright violations, and also response to the questions students raised on Facebook. Apart from that, since when uploading images students tend to make mistakes such as to upload the fair-use images into commons rather then Chinese Wikipedia, so NTUWPC members often ask the students who require to upload images to give it to the club members so they can upload for the students.
  3. When final-term arrives, some of the teachers ask NTUWPC members to participate the students' assessment after the assignment deadline has passed. But the members are not willing to score each students directly, instead, they showcase the impressive incidents when students do in the contributing process to provide teachers as a reference to score.
  4. After the grading process of teacher, the NTUWPC will copy-edit and revise in a further detail, particularly wikify the articles in order to make them comply with the policies and guidelines of Wikipedia when move from sandboxes into main name space.

At the beginning of the semester, the teacher will consider whether to arrange Wikipedia assignment in the course. There are several courses join the educational program and the reasons that cooperation happens between teachers and the Wiki community are various.







Course name Student Participants New Accounts Edited pages on Wikipedia New pages on Wikipedia New pages on other Wikimedia projects
Language and Psychology 20 19 6 0 1
Cultural History of East Asian Ceramics 40 40 37* 37* 0
Total 60 59 43 37 1

※ 東亞陶瓷文化史在本報告完成時,尚未完成所有條目的檢核。加註星號的數字為新建立的課程沙盒頁面數量,其中可移入主名字空間的條目數量可能變少。

National Chengchi University


Located in Wenshan district, Taipei, Taiwan, the National Chengchi University was founded in 1927 as a party school affiliated to the Chinese nationalist party in order to train political talents.In 1949 the Kuomintang failed in its civil war with the communist party of China, and the government also lost all its schools and suspended operations until 1954, when it was re-educated in Taiwan and gradually transformed into a general university.At present, there are mainly humanities departments, such as literature, law, business and communication, which are regarded by Taiwan students as the second most important choice.There are fewer polytechnics, and aspiring high school graduates will prefer other prestigious national universities in Taiwan.

The development of the Wikimedia movement is initiated by the teacher's initiative to contact the Chapter. There is no current volunteer or community in the university. The secretary-general of the branch is responsible for the contact. There are two cooperation cases between the university and the chapter:

  1. 「世界民族誌」課程,由民族學系黃季平教授開設,修課對象為大學部學生。在每年的第二學期,都要求學生以編輯維基百科上的少數民族條目做為學期作業,2016學年度是第三年執行[5]
  2. 台灣原住民族族語維基百科孵育計畫。這是由台灣教育部補助政大原住民族研究中心的研究計畫案,原本目標是建立一個以台灣原住民族族語編寫的知識庫,並邀請台灣原住民族族人共同書寫內容。因為與維基百科的運作方式相似,因此轉為以孵育維基百科的方式來達成目標[6]。本專案中,台灣分會與政大簽訂合約,分會收取工作經費以協助架設一個 Media-Wiki 引擎平臺,存放維基孵育場中通過專家審核的條目,相關工作預定在2017年11月結案。

From Community organizer

The curriculum of the political world ethnography has been the third cooperation in during this reporting period. The cooperation of this course is initiated by professor Huang Jiping. She searched through the Internet keyword for assistance in finding local chapters. The chapter staff in the course is in responsible for:

  1. 學期開始前建置課程網頁。
  2. 學期開始後會以一小時左右課程,介紹維基百科的基本規範。
  3. 學期中協助回答或解決學生在維基平臺操作上遭遇的問題。
  4. 學期結束後,將合格的作業由課程沙盒移入主名字空間。



The program make some influence in NCCU, it can be proved by two things:

  1. 它引起了政大校內的「教學發展中心」的注意。教學發展中心這個單位的宗旨是在提升教師教學效果、培育教學人才,多元教學資源的開發與引進也是他們的工作任務之一[7],所以他們對於引入維基編輯做為教學方法十分感興趣。這個單位擁有核定政大所有課程教學助理申請的職權,因此這門課程引發他們的興趣之後,黃老師比較容易申請到教學助理。從政大專案的第二年開始,就有一名會維基基本操作的教學助理負責平日協助學生解決簡單的技術問題,因此學期中需要協會人力投入協助的時間降低了許多。
  2. 它引起了一些學生的興趣。有學生在給予的反饋中指出,他並不是民族系的學生,不需要修這門課。他原本以為編輯維基百科只是很簡單的事情,大一住學校宿舍時,不知道為什麼同寢室的室友為了撰寫這門課而苦惱,所以才特別跨系來修這門課。親自嘗試過以後,這名學生才發現編輯維基百科原來真的需要查閱很多文獻資料,沒有想像中的簡單,但是寫出來之後很有成就感,也覺得真的有學習到東西。


  1. 許多學生反應文獻搜尋相當困難,許多民族在常用的權威資料庫上,只能找到殘缺的資訊。而中文文獻的相關資料也十分稀少。不少學生表示為了交出作業,他們學習到許多更進一步搜索文獻的技巧;然而也有學生認為資料搜尋太難的情況下,會失去寫作的信心,也擔心會影響評分的公平性。
  2. There is also lucky students, that the nations assigned to them are rich in material, even the English Wikipedia has very comprehensive articles that they only need to translate these articles into Chinese and re-organized the content into the recommended structure from the teacher. But that doesn't mean students like this kind of luck because it makes students feel like they spending too much time translating, like learning English instead of knowing nations.
  3. 大多數的學生都會提到「困難」,但是也都會提到「成就感」。
  4. Most students who though that Wikipedia is unreliable before changed their mind when they finished this homework.






Course name Student Participants New Accounts Edited pages on Wikipedia New pages on Wikipedia New pages on other Wikimedia projects
世界民族誌 56 56 45 7 0
小計 56 56 45 7 0

※ Pages only be counted if it's a passed work that can be moved to main namespace.

Tzu Chi University


Tzu Chi University is established by "Tzu Chi Foundation", a well known global Buddhist charity. It's located on east Taiwan, the area which has less education resources. At the begging, Tzu Chi was only a College of Medicine in 1994, then become a university in 2000 after adding College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Life Sciences, College of Education and Communication one by one. Medicine is the famous study field of TCU cause the College of Medicine was set up earliest.










  • 由於推廣志工黃瑞霖在2016學年度第二學期忙於國家證照考試,未協助整理課程成果事宜,無法統計成績。下表採用2015學年度的成績,以做為課程規模的參考。
Course name Student Participants New Accounts Edited pages on Wikipedia New pages on Wikipedia New pages on other Wikimedia projects
Translating in Practice 6 0 6 4 3
Total 6 0 6 4 3

Chung Shan Medical University


Chung Shan Medical University established in 1960s and located at Taichung City, the most city in middle Taiwan. The founder of CSMU is Ju-chuan Chou (周汝川), a Taichung-born dentist. The school was only a dentistry college in the beginning, after some extension, it was upgraded to college of medical in 1977, then reorganized into university in 2001.



Wiki translation club at Zhongshan medical university was founded in the 2016 academic year, and cooperate with the Taiwan chapter during the 2016 Wikipedia Asia Month. An Asian Medical Edit-a-thon has held on campus, but the club is no longer active.









How to start cooperation





What are Wikipedia volunteers mostly doing

There are three missions that volunteers need to implement in all education programs:

  1. Creating a page for class. The page generally has functions of providing links of documents and displaying the list of target articles.
  2. 維基百科教學。通常老師會提供1-2小時的課程,讓維基志工向學生說明維基百科寫作的規則,而在其他大多數的時數,都是專業內容的教學,不會談到維基百科。極少數課程中,志工可以負責所有課程的安排與設計,多半是非典型的課程例如服務學習課才會有這樣的情況。
  3. 整理寫作成果。幾乎所有的課程都不會將維基格式列入成績考評的重點,所以即使是學校成績合格的作業,仍需要維基志工編輯後才能成為合乎維基百科方針指引的條目。在一些案例中,甚至所有維基化的工作都是由志工處理,學生只需要完成文章內容。




What did we do well

  1. 課程頁面的設計發揮了一定的功用。我們為每一個課程開設的頁面中發揮了至少三個功用:一是學生很容易找到幫助頁面,二是老師、學生、維基社群都很容易看到學生的寫作進度,三是寫作的成果都能保存下來(在撰寫這篇報告時,最後這一點特別有幫助)。
  2. 大部分及格的作業在移入主名字空間,成為維基百科的正式條目後,都沒有引起維基社群提刪的動作,一些專案的成果甚至可以當選新條目推薦。中文維基百科社群過去常發現為了交作業而編輯的條目有侵權、內容不適當的情況,但現在台灣的教育專案組織者協助下,條目品質大有改善。
  3. 授課老師幾乎都給與專案良好的評價,有些老師在首次合作結束後,願意繼續保持合作關係;也有老師在合作案結束之後,帶著學生參與地方分會的網路直播節目,對課程的效益給予正面評價。

What can we do better

  1. 我們需要建立人力的支援機制,每個專案在比較繁忙的期間都會造成志工過勞,或者工作進度緩慢。在一些專案裡,甚至會因為組織者生活忙碌而中斷後續追蹤工作。
  2. 根據前一項,我們需要將教育專案執行的方式整理出SOP,並且出版成文獻,方便新的志工訓練所用。
  3. 目前我們沒有跟參與課程的學生建立長久的聯繫,也沒有方法鼓勵他們在課程結束後持續編輯維基百科。維基百科因為台灣的教育專案增加了一些高品質的內容,但是可以沒有增加太多優秀的編輯。
  4. 地方分會的角色還不夠明顯。儘管地方分會的工作人員也有在協助教育專案進行,但是工作內容比較像是一般志工在做的。前面提到的幾個檢討項目其實都是組織的工作,過去未曾有這麼多的課程給我們做為觀察,而這次做了整體的檢討之後,台灣分會可以扮演更好的角色。


  • 我們發現到幾乎所有的專案中,學生都是新用戶,代表台灣的大學生擁有維基帳號的比率極少,還有很大的拓展空間。


  • Several parts of this report base on interview records. Thanks for the following interviewees: (NTU)User:FireFeather, User:和平奮鬥救地球, (NCCU)Prof. Chi-ping Huang, (TCU) User:Koala0090, (CSMU) Director Li-yun Lin
  • Thank all the school teachers, assistants, students, and Wikipedia volunteers who have participated in the Wikipedia education program for you've given to Wikimedia movement.


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