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History & Geography
  • Start year: 2015 (there were some attempts before, not coordinated with community)
  • Countries (list all): Latvia
  • Cities (list all. and please link to local WP articles.): Riga, Valmiera
  • Wikimedia projects (list all): Wikipedia
  • Languages (list all): Latvian
  • Funding (yes/no? please explain): no, the scale is still very small
  • Students (total #): 12 + unknown number managed by independent teachers
  • Educators (total #): 2 identified + X unknown
  • Education program volunteers (total #): 1
  • Education program volunteers who are Admins/Sysops/Stewards (total #): 1
  • Local education program manager (total #): 0
  • Articles created (yes/no? and total #): 25 + unknown number managed by independent teachers
  • Articles improved (yes/no? and total #): 5
  • Articles translated (yes/no? and total #):
  • Files uploaded (yes/no? and total #): 0
  • Bytes added (total #):
  • Bytes deleted (total #):
  • Featured articles (total #): 0
  • Good articles (total #): 0
  • Links to Outreach wiki pages/subpages
  • Links to local wiki pages/subpages
  • Links to Commons categories
  • Links to Meta wiki program reports (APG, PEG, IEG)
  • Links to Wikimedia coverage (WMF blog posts, local wiki blog posts, newsletter articles)
  • Links to other media coverage (local, national, regional, international news links)

Please tell us something special about your education program that the data may not reveal. For example:

  • You could highlight an achievement you are particularly proud of.
  • You could acknowledge a special student, educator, or volunteer.
  • You could tell us what you enjoy most about the Wikipedia Education Program.