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WikiProject Engineering Workshop at IIUC,Chittagong[edit]

Author: Mohammed Galib Hasan

Summary: In February 2018, a workshop was conducted at the International Islamic University, Chittagong in Bangladesh with the help of theElectrical & Electronic Department. During this workshop the basic guidelines for editing Wikipedia were introduced, and students were provided an overview of WikiProject Engineering.


Mohammed Galib Hasan with the help of the Engineering department of IIUC, conducted a workshop on basic editing skills and WikiProject Engineering. The workshop was built on two main goals: first, to introduce the Wikimedia movement and basic editing skills. The slide deck used for this is linked below. Secondly, WikiProject Engineering was introduced to students in the department. The workshop was attended by 15 students.

This workshop was the first activity at this campus related to the Wikimedia movement. The positive response from students is an indicator that the workshop was successful, and that more activities will happen in the future, including a potential Wiki Club in the Engineering department.

Outcomes from Workshop:

  • This kind of workshop particularly in University will increase awareness to the other students to involve with Wikimedia or like other open sources.
  • Purposes of this Workshop is to familiar my Department Students about some Wikimedia Movement, like What is Wikipedia,how it forms, Who are the contributors, the the basic guideline of Wikipedia had been discussed over by presentation.
  • Couples of Articles listed related to Electrical Engineering Department, Which will be be improved & created by following department.

Workshop Pictures: All the Pictures taken in the Workshop can be found here.

Workshop Slide: Workshop Slide is also available here.

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