Education/News/January 2018/The first Swedish Master's in Digital Humanities partners with Wikimedia Sverige

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The first Swedish Master's in Digital Humanities partners with Wikimedia Sverige


Author: Sara Mörtsell (WMSE)

Summary: Wikimedia Sverige is a long term partner with one of Sweden's major universities, showing the impact Wikimedia has on the domains of Digital Humanities.

Gothenburg University, one of the largest universities in Sweden, started the first Master's programme in Digital Humanities in Sweden in September 2017. In preparing for the two year course, the university established a long term partnership with Wikimedia Sverige. The core of the program is at the intersection of digital technologies and the the humanities, which will engage students in Wikipedia assignments for during the first term and internships and field work with Wikimedia Sverige in the final year of the programme.

The Wikipedia assignment to edit Humanities topics on Wikipedia is embedded in the course "Digital sharing and participatory culture" (15 credits).

"This compulsory course covers digital dissemination of research and cultural heritage as well as mediated representations of cultural heritage. Moreover, it provides knowledge about the changed role of the researcher and the transformation of publication cultures, and addresses theoretical perspectives on contemporary, born-digital culture."

What's been exciting in this partnership is to learn how Wikimedia permeates so many areas in the field of Digital humanities as it is becoming a more established academic discipline.

Link: Announcement from Wikimedia Sverige (Swedish)