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Following are some links to efforts to describe the evolution of a Wikipedia article:

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Source: w:Wikipedia:Version_1.0_Editorial_Team/Assessment#Evolution of an article – an example

This clickable imagemap, using the article "Atom" as an example, demonstrates the typical profile for an article's development through the levels. Hold the mouse over a number to see key events, and click on a number to see that version of the article.

The article started as a stub on 1 Oct 2001. By 8 Oct 2001, it approached the upper bound of a stub. On 20 Sep 2002, more useful content was added and it became Start. 3 Jun 2004, Start; meaningful amount of information, but more structuring is needed. 24 Jun 2004, a useful image is added; now it is at the upper bound of Start. On 18 Sep 2004, some sections have expanded and it just reaches C-class. By 31 Aug 2005 it has been expanded, but needs refs; it can be comfortably called C-class. 12 Dec 2005, enough content & structure for a respectable article. In spite of its lack of in-line citations, the article is approaching the upper limit of C-Class. If it were properly referenced, we could have considered rating it B-class. By 19 Aug 2006, several new images and contents from a cited book have been added; just makes B-Class. By 23 Mar 2007, new content and refs have been added; easily B-class. 17 Oct 2007, nominated for a Peer Review. Review closes on 9 Feb 2008, after addressing MoS / inline cite issues; becomes A-Class. 10 Feb 2008, nominated and listed as GA. 12 Feb 2008, FAC; promoted to FA 18 Feb.AssessmentTimeline.png
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