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Michigan has been studied from Powers of Ten 7 to -20 in detail. I found this page from a search "Michigan pdf." What has not been studied is the studies themselves. A thankless task but there is gold in them there archives. Myself, I am looking at it is as natural philosophy, history and science. I have dug into Michigan Earth Science a bit and there is gold and rare earth elements in the hills of the U.P. and Ontario. Michigan's ultimate Impact Theory is called "Global Warming." Wiki tells me Ontario is North America's largest automobile manufacturer. Times change.

We can study studies as we study Wikipedia. I do not see much difference between Wiki's Hyper Text Markup Language and Google's Search words. Push a few buttons and know anything about everything. The next step is bringing all that information together into a new synthesis. Wiki's portals help after I find some some small detail I would like to know more about. As we say, "One Proper Noun Leads to another person, place or thing."

How do u do that? Emblemology.

The reader needs to know Attributions like person, place, thing and date. I have been to the mountain and 1.85 billion years ago is a very very long time ago in deed. What can we know about then and now? Art and Science would like to tell us in greater depth.

Or, looking at it from our point of view, the shops were organized in Polish. Karl Marx worked for the Polish government and was a correspondent for Horace Greeley. The new immigrants could not read English but they could understand editorial cartoons. See "The Free Press in America." (An old CMU journalism book. Sometimes the internet lets the old guy down.)

Bill Sovereign UE Mission Specialist

P.S. Does the Polish thing go back to Bona Sforza? I have read in the archives of Lombardy some caveman was buried in his car. My kind of guy.

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What is this? Is it something to do with Wikimedia Outreach? bobrayner (talk) 22:51, 14 March 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]