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Registration and verification[edit]

A register of GLAM ambassadors is maintained for reference on Registration is optional and not a pre-requisite for an individual starting a GLAM initiative. Where local chapters are established there may be existing or alternative GLAM supporting processes that take precedence over any recommendations here.

Potential Ambassadors may add their name to the list with a status of 'Pending'. Requests will normally be posted for at least 2 weeks giving opportunity for potential off-wiki discussion on the cultural-partners mailing list.

The verification process consists of:

  1. Supporting declaration by one or more existing Ambassadors (if the applicant is personally unknown by current registered Ambassadors this may require an informal meeting) and an offer of practical support by an existing active Ambassador.
  2. Declaration of any potential conflict of interest.
  3. Confidential confirmation of legal identity on record with the local chapter where available (often part of the chapter membership process). Note that requests may be made without a requirement to declare a legal name on any open wiki (the privacy policy is adopted), however GLAMs often require a legal name for security reasons for meetings or access to archives. Local chapters may not be established or have no current processes for verifying members, in these cases confirmation will be via an international process (TBD, likely to rely on the Wikimedia Foundation).
  4. Confirmation of good standing on Wikipedia/Commons or sister projects.
  5. Considered to have contribution experience sufficient to advise GLAMs on working practices (normally a minimum of 6 months account history and 1,000 edits though this may be waived for registration of recognized GLAM professionals or certain types of technical expert).


Being an Ambassador should be as easy as a Wikipedia contributor working with one of their favourite gallery, museum, library or archives and being supported by materials based on past practical experience of presentations, workshops, edit-a-thons and task forces. The following definition establishes a verified status for GLAM Ambassadors so that an institution can have some confidence about the experience of a volunteer that they have not met before and may be offering to help with collaboration.

The following is a structure under trial (as of March 2011, names on the register should stay at Pending), it is not considered a best practice solution (yet):

Status Criteria
  • Name self-added to the register as a request for verification
  • Registered on (or link provided to a sister project profile) explaining their scope of interest and current activities. The profile should have a registered email, though this need not be disclosed on any open-wiki
  • Verified as in known good standing on Wikimedia projects (such as Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons)
  • Partnered with an experienced GLAM ambassador who is prepared to provide practical support
  • Has delivered a presentation/workshop/exhibition in collaboration with a GLAM and other wiki(p/m)edians
  • Contributed to the body of case-studies by writing a summary of the event(s) and lessons learned
  • Available as a point of contact for named GLAMs
  • Status may be self-selected but should be supported by some explanation in the Ambassador's definition of scope
  • Experienced in collaborating with two or more events
  • Available to support and advise other potential ambassadors and help with GLAM requests for contact or presentations
  • Status by consensus
  • Helping to improve GLAM working practices and materials
  • Available to advise the GLAM sector on best practices for collaborative events
  • Available for review of collaboration proposals
  • Status by consensus

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