MENA Wikipedia Education Program meeting, Dr. Hani Hussainy (Math), Dr. Abeer El Hafez (Spanish), Nefertiti Mefahed (Math for CS), Salwa Sabat (Zoology)

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Professors Hussainy, El Hafez, Mefahed, Saleh, Sabest, S. Yap and A.Iskandar at Cairo University

Interviews with Cairo University Professors[edit]

  1. Dr. Hani Hussainy (Math) -- Connected with Dr. Iman (Ain Shams), via Adel
  2. Dr. Abeer El Hafez (Spanish)
  3. Nefertiti Mefahed (Math for CS)
  4. Dr. Nasser Saleh (Mathematics)
  5. Dr. Salwa Sabet (Zoology Professor)

October 18, 2011

to understand the curriculum at the university and gather information/gauge interest in program
  • Ideas on how to integrate the curriculum into the school system:
    • What if 10% of grades went towards the editing of WP? (Adel)
  • Professors (PR): This resonates because students are going to create content. As long as the students are not necessarily using the content
  1. Talk about application and examples in class
  2. Discuss how the grading will work in the class
  3. Showcase the results/successes/outcomes
  4. Facilitate further dialogue
  5. Create incentives like a teacher fellowship for the WP teachers who participate
  6. Have a campus wide event at the university where students can translate
  • Since courses are in English, many students are looking for materials in Arabic. When content is public, they can correct the information
  • WP can sere as a tool for students to understand material (like Physics for students)
  • Hany teaches a dedicated number of students, though small in size. He has 6 students, 3 who are in the Physics dept.
* Zoology
200 students, 1st years are 1000 students
Translation Class, 4th year students, pre masters-20 students (Abeer)
  • Would working with masters students be difficult?
    • Students at higher levels are preparing a synopsis of their and might be too specialized, so the contributors would be too small. Instead, target 3rd year students because they'll be going between the languages. 1st years students: Arabic, 2nd years students write in ARabic and might speak in English. 3rd year students explain in Arabic, but sciences might be in English.
  • Why would a student contribute?
    • At least 20% of teachers can control having their students contribute.
    • The idea of a centralized system is appealing
  • Notations in WP is bad
  • It's challenging to edit WP for math students
  • How to edit WP rules so it will help students understand the technical skills
  • Debrief: Hany seems really interested in the program He brought in a collection of teachers from Zoology, Spanish, etc.
  • Dr. Nasser also seems quite interested in the program, as well as Abeer Hafez (Spanish)
  • For Spanish classes, they could present the projects in other languages.
  • They give press texts, lit, media, texts on lit, cinema
  • Zoology: Students studying Arabic but now they have to translate into English. It would be great if they could translate English into Arabic.
  • 3rd year students are more comfortable in both Arabic and English.
  • Zoology profesor teaches both English and Arabic