Regional Ambassadors R10/fall 2011 training agenda

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This agenda was devised by the Regional Ambassadors for California and Hawaii to train Campus Ambassadors in Fall 2011. The agenda was altered over the training, but more or less held the same structure as outlined below:

Day 1[edit]

Start at 8:30, begin program by 9:00

Introductions (35 minutes)[edit]

brief icebreaker
overview of Training Agenda.
explain feedback model--solicit feedback throughout to improve the process.

Program History / Large-scale Picture / Updates (25 minutes)[edit]

Regional / Ambassador Program

Break (5 minutes)[edit]

Public Speaking / Presentation Activity (1 hour)[edit]

Similar to the “give a 3 minute speech” activity we did at training.
Meant to get everyone moving and warmed up after listening to others speak.

(Re)Defining the Campus Ambassador Role (1 hour 25 minutes)[edit]

Giving an overview of clear expectations for CAs and MOU
Relaying stories from past ambassadors / others with experience
Getting feedback from CAs about their role, their initial expectations
Considering ways to tweak or augment the CA role to work for everyone.

Break for lunch at 12:30pm - 1:30pm[edit]

The motivation for these next sections is to source from both experienced Wikipedians and Wikimedians as well as engage less experienced or new folk. This also allows everybody to get on the same page.

Wikipedia: Communicating the Community, Project, and Governance (1 hour 25 minutes)[edit]

WMF basics
WP basics (5 pillars, etc)
WP community, the social phenomenon
Share lots of actual stories from or about editors, how they work, and their motivations.
Makmende video
Heather Ford’s article
Current WP Article
Idea that people who don’t contribute significantly constitute in some small way the success of the project (every click matters).
WP Governance (admins, bureaucrats, roles, processes, architecture)
This should have an engaging activity component, where CAs practice delivering some of this information in groups and individually.

Break (10 minutes)[edit]

Wikipedia: Teaching the Nuts & Bolts (1 hour 25 minutes)[edit]

This activity starts from the perspective that CAs and Profs are teaching WP.
Use participatory way to role-play as teacher and student.
Focus on the minor skills, from signing up to editing to references to policies, etc.
Acitivities can include:
Coaching a partner to make an edit, and switching roles.
Adding an image to an article.

Debrief & Next Day Agenda (30 minutes)[edit]

Get feedback on the different aspects of the day, how the next day could improve.
Do an overview / summary activity with the group
Go over the things you’ve learned together
Ask folks to share something they learned over the day.
Give an overview of next day’s agenda.

Finish by 5:00pm

Day 2[edit]

Start at 9:30, begin program by 10.

Second Day Ice-Breaker (25 minutes)[edit]

To get the blood flowing and folks used to speaking again.

Navigating CA and RA resources. (1 hour)[edit]

Overview of available resources, with page-by-page navigation
Discussion of important CA resources
Course / Syllabus / Instructor resources
Student resources / help
Request for new resources, other ideas for resources.
Also, ideas to change current resources.

Learning Outcomes, Lesson Planning and Syllabus Development with WP (1 hour)[edit]

Crash-Course in Teaching & Learning Theory and Practice
Brain-storm activity of learning outcomes
Compare to learning outcomes list, add others
Syllabus Development with WP
Lesson Planning activity.
Given a classroom scenario, how would you develop a lesson for students to participate in Wikipedia?
Encourage folks to get creative!
Sample lessons, space for variation.

Lunch Break (12:30 - 1:30pm)[edit]

Article Workshop (2 hours)[edit]

Radical idea here.
First half: We choose an article (a stub) or two, and “workshop” them in one or more group(s) until they are more substantive, have references, and images.
Second half: We switch the groups and “re-workshop” the articles.

Break (10 minutes)[edit]

Feedback Opportunity / Unplanned Activity / Extra Time (1 hour)[edit]

Short- and long-term planning / goals (30 minutes)[edit]

Set goals for each ambassador, each campus
Key everyone in to general approach for CA and HI.

Summary / Wrap-Up / Final Feedback (20 minutes)[edit]

Finish by 5:30pm