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Five criteria

Rochelle Davis
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Georgetown University

Course name
Introduction to the Study of the Arab World
Theorizing Culture and Politics

Course level (undergraduate/graduate)
M.A. and 2nd/3rd year undergraduates

Learning objectives
Writing Skills Development    
Media and Information Literacy  
Critical Thinking and Research Skills    
Wiki Technical and Communication Skills   

Discipline of course

Class size

Individual or group assignment

Theorizing Culture and Politics syllabus
Theorizing Culture and Politics Wikipedia assignment
Theorizing Culture and Politics final assignment


Students chose a topic for the semester, researched it, contributed an entry to Wikipedia, and then wrote a research paper on the same subject.

They also wrote five blog entries about their experiences over the course of the term.

I graded the assignment based on five criteria:

  1. Vision for the entry content: Did you divide up the material in a way that reflects both the literature and neutral point of view? Did you make the appropriate headings?
  2. Your research in thinking-beyond-Google to find relevant and diverse sources.
  3. Your organization of the entry and the content: Did you organize the material or are there things in one section that belong elsewhere? Did you provide relevant material? Are there things missing?
  4. Your writing of a well-supported, well-researched entry: Neutral point of view? Sources/footnotes? Grammatically correct? Paragraphs well-constructed?
  5. How you address the comments you were given by me and others.

(CC-0) by Justin Secor