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I think the category system should get a mention as well. It is a good way to find more articles like the one you are reading about. How about something like this: "[Category] All articles belong to one or more categories, such as Moons of Jupiter. By clicking on the category name, you will get a overview over all similar articles." /Hannibal 10:33, 16 September 2010 (UTC)[reply]

Some comments Ziko[edit]

Hello, looks nice, here a couple of notes I made.

  • The infobox could be a topic to explain.
  • "See also" and "Main article" indices could be topics.
  • "Edit" and the many little "edit"s at headers could be a topic.
  • "Recent changes..." Does not really belong to the anatomy of an article, I would drop it here.
  • More important would be an explanation about the book funktion or printable version, or the permanent link (how to quote a WP article).
  • "Wikipedia exists in over 250 languages." Here I would be more elaborate, explaining that there is no one Wikipedia corpus translated to 250 languages, but that the articles can differ. (Frequent misunderstanding, like from the Arab journalist in Wikimania Alexandria, who complained the anti Arab attitude of Wikimedia, because English Wikipedia has more articles than Wikipedia in Arabic.)
  • "The body of the article follows the lead section..." Proposal: "The body of the article follows the lead section and the table of content. It is divided by headers and subheaders. Typical headers for an aticle about a geographical entity might be: history, geography, climate, economy, politics, demographics, culture." Drop the "references" and "external links", they don't really belong to the body.
  • "You can upload different kinds of media to an article." More reader oriented, there could be in general an explanation about pictures: click on it, and you come to a page with more description and a link to our media archive (is "repository" really a common word?) Wikimedia Commons. / Have an extra box for videos, as marked here with the "play" button. / By the way: "A Wikipedia article with [?] accept all popular formats..." What about mp3, isn't it a popular format? :-) I would like to see a hint that the media should be relevant for an educative purpose. / In general, the emphasis here should lie on the use of the article, not the uploading (which is even more unlikely than editing).
  • "References": There are these combined references (a, b, c,..., what is the proper term in English?) I dislike them very much for several reasons. But, they exist. Should we be explicit about them here, as they deviate from the traditional(paper world) usage of footnotes?
  • There should be more (and I suppose, will) elaboration on the "appendices", and navigation items at the end of an article. Don't forget the categories.

Kind regards --Ziko 13:31, 18 September 2010 (UTC)[reply]