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  • Add the rooms
  • Hour by hour
  • Add as much information as possible
  • Take the Monday as an example
  • Add CMU and centralized
  • Adel has 6 contacts from Cairo Universities just to set things up.
  • AUC meet collectively with Teachers then one-off. They have a lot of autonomy. We would notify the university and perhaps have a campus bulletin go out so that faculty members.
  • Adel suggested that we have a meet up
  • We can also have a gathering in a fairly informal setting. Evenings would not be good on campus.
  • Better to have it central
  • Downtown is better to have it
  • At Cairo University: not good to bring everyone together at once--it should be more targeted. Try to meet with the faculty on one day
  • Also from engineering. One contact Al Azhar. Former Dean of Medicine and someone who is prominent and family friend.
  • Adel has contacts with CS and mass computer science. Most number of students who are internet capable. We need this.
  • He is working on other university
  • AUC: Immense: 20-30 contacts
  • he will send what will look like a personal email. WP visit tour and we'll stop at AUC. Interested in incorporating WP into their courses to make it a brainstorming session
  • CMU
  • Wst Beled: stay at 3 o4 star: SemiRamis, Hilton Ramsis, Sofitel, Hotels, Zamalek is fine too

ME's suggestions[edit]

  • Ahmed (active student)
  • Marawa teaches at ALEX at education school
  • Moutaz
    • backup: Hani