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Thank you for your application![edit]

Quick note![edit]

Hi @Afifa Afrin, Ibrahim Husain Meraj, Sharif Uddin, Tribeni Chakma:! Thank you for a great submission! Just wanted to send you a quick note to point that there are some questions that have not been answered in your application (motivation section and some information about the team). Please, make sure they are answered by EOD May 19 for an optimal assessment. Additionally, I think it would be helpful if you included some information about the indicators/metrics you plan on using to evaluate the success of your project (for example, how will you know if the teachers are using the resources you created? What impact do you expect they will have in the language abilities of the students?). Thank you for your attention! --MGuadalupe (WMF) (talk) 03:27, 17 May 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@MGuadalupe (WMF):, Thank you for your note. We are currently talking with the teachers and the community how we can make this plan more feasible and realistic. This is taking more time than our anticipation. Is it okay if we get back before or 26th? -Afifa Afrin (talk) 04:45, 24 May 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Selection process has finalized![edit]