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I popped this in the education listserv and was asked to put it here......

We need to have comments sections for the articles (a la Signpost), especially in important articles that talk about our challenges.

I would bet that the issues Liang has faced are common ones among those of us to who organize programs and are the face of Wikipedia to one or more educational institutions.

There is a small assumption I think in the Q and A format. That there is an assumption what with a change in a particular program, a problem can be solved. This is definitely not always the case. For example, how much responsibility should a program coordinator or teacher have for the quality of work produced by students? It seems to me that organized student writing gets a lot more scrutiny than those done by the "typical" Wikipedian, and complaints against programs are not rare.

Liang's article indicates that he receives money to review student articles. A similar situation exists at my school (and is in development). However, is that really a scalable solution? Is this a norm which will develop, because it could leave out collaboration with institutions who cannot or dont want the expense.

I think these are things that we as a community need to consider, not just individual programs/coordinators here and there. Thelmadatter (talk) 17:11, 4 April 2017 (UTC)Reply[reply]