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Hi, so the idea is great, the only problem I see is that all of our projects have an educational context, so arent they all part of this cooperative. But that is just technical :) If we can somehow make this a little more "exclusive", or do we not mind that EVERY wikimedia project is a part of this cooperative?

Jan-Bart (cant seem to get my account working on this wiki :)

Just in section: Orientation of intermediaries: I think, it will be good highlight here the copyright issues too. It is vitally important for this project speak about authors law with students/teachers and ambassadors/wikimedians have to have good knowledge about it. If we will failed with it in several examples, it will complaint our efforts and credibility in the academic environment and close doors to future cooperation. We need to be very careful in it and hence openly speak about it with all parts and share our issues. Also,

Anyway, it is well written with in general. I agree that main issue of this activity is sharing our knowledges between us. It is really important preserve freedom of participants for using different models because we are able then test various models with interesting results. Because we are widely spread around the world with different culture background, one model do not have work in other country and it will be meaningless press some model which will not work. On the other hand, sharing of concepts, results and opportunity discuss with somebody our method will be really useful and motivating. Regards --Chmee2 (talk) 19:13, 29 March 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]