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In life… 
I am a French Canadian from the province of Québec. I have been a contributor to Wikipedia since 2003. I have studied in radio journalism, French literature, sommelier studies, and environmental sciences. I’ve been a part of many different fields, but if I had to narrow it down I would say I am in the world of communications and computer programming. I also had the luxury of hitchhiking for many years and visited over 10 countries during that journey! I am passionate about many things, but communication tools are my passion, which explains my interest in this encyclopaedia.
On Wikimedia… 
I am currently on the board of Wikimedia Canada as coordinator and I work on several GLAM projects, in addition to the scavenger photographic hunt Wikipedia Takes Montreal and Wiki Loves Monuments in Canada. I am also actively involved "behind the scenes" of Wikipedia as a template creator, resolver of interwiki links, translation projects, categories, the graphic workshop, etc. If you need to reach me, please feel free to contact me via my fr talk page!
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