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These titles are ever changing, this is a draft of descriptions of GLAM roles.

GLAM Regional Ambassador[edit]

Regional Ambassadors generally serve as the first point of contact for GLAM representatives, they coordinate Wikipedians-in-Residence and Online Ambassadors for their specific region (i.e. Mid-Atlantic in the United States or a country, and also under a local Wikimedia chapter if one exists). GLAMs seeking to work with Wikimedia may contact their Regional Ambassador to learn more information about partnership opportunities.

Institutional Ambassador[edit]

Larger institutions may have an Institutional Ambassador, an organizer that oversees multiple residents at one institution. For example, the Metropolitan Museum of Art may have multiple Wikipedians-in-Residence, who provide support for various parts of the museum and the Institutional Ambassador coordinates that group. These Ambassadors work closely with their institution to make sure that their residents meet the goals and needs of both Wikimedia and the GLAM.


A Wikipedian-in-Residence is a Wikimedian who works closely with one specific GLAM institution to explore ways to partner on the sharing of information related to their collections through Wikimedia. Wikipedians-in-Residence often take the role as interns or volunteers, working with staff members to not only expand on topics related to that GLAMs collection online, but, to also provide support to staff and volunteers seeking to contribute content and media.

Campus Ambassador[edit]

Campus Ambassadors are part-time real world volunteers within the GLAMWIKI community, assisting other Wikipedians when needed. They also work with the educational departments at GLAMs to conduct outreach, as well as with the higher education community to work with professors and within a classroom setting to explore ways to work with GLAMWIKI to provide well-researched content. See also: Campus Ambassadors


E-Volunteers contribute their time by providing online support to GLAM staff, volunteers, and content contributors. They are available in the GLAM chatroom, through e-mail, talk pages, and related online environments. The E-Volunteer's roles vary; some include: documentation and research related to GLAMS, technical skills to maintain GLAMWIKI's online landscape, photography related skills, and more. Anyone can be an E-Volunteer. Get get started as an E-Volunteer, please sign up on the (E-Volunteer page).