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Primary Contacts[edit]

WEP Estonia map.png

Program Description[edit]

Ivo Kruusamägi (center) on seminar for Fenno-Ugric Wikipedias 2014 in Estonia

Work in universities[edit]

  • Our main partner in education program is University of Tartu.
  • Estonian Composition and Conversation is the biggest course carried out in Faculty of Science and Technology of the latter. It has been organised since 2011 and has averaged 200–270 participating students.
    • Students write a minimum of 8000 characters of text (without wiki-markup and references).
    • The task has to be completed in 2 weeks after that they'll receive feedback and have to submit changes based on it.
    • Writing a Wikipedia article has been integral part of the course since 2011.
    • The course helps to cover extensive lacunas in the field of natural sciences in Estonian Wikipedia.
    • Over the years the course has provided 900 articles, ca 85% of which are created articles and the rest significantly improved ones.
    • Average article size is about 12 000 bytes (about 5 times more than average in Estonian Wikipedia).
    • As of December 1, 2014 articles created in the framework of this course had generated 3.3% of the total content in articles in Estonian Wikipedia.
    • As of December 1, 2014 those articles have been viewed for 1.7+ million times.
    • Contact: Ivo Kruusamägi.
  • There has been a special course in University of Tartu closely related to Wikipedia.
    • Wikipedia is not the sole topic of the course and the whole field of open knowledge is explored, including copyright issues, crowdsourcing, encyclopedias, free software, information society, popular science, relations between Wikipedia and media, wiki software, Wikipedia in education, photography, etc.
    • It was introduced in 2011/12 as a 2 ECTS course under Institute of Journalism and Communication and continued in 2012/13 under Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science as a 3 ECTS course (link).
    • In 2013/14 it was renamed "About Free Culture on the Example of Wikipedia" ("Vaba kultuur Vikipeedia näitel").
    • Contact: Ivo Kruusamägi.
  • Other subject fields (geography, informatics, international relations, linguistics, physics, psychology, etc) have also had courses with exercises involving contributions to Wikipedia.
  • Võro Wikipedia started using university students already in 2007.
    • One of the administrators of Võro Wikipedia is teaching Võro language in the University of Tartu.
    • As part of this course students have possibility to write a short article on Võro Wikipedia.
    • As a result ca 65 new articles have been created (that correspond to 1/80 of all articles in Võro Wikipedia project).
    • Contact: Võrok.

Work in secondary schools[edit]

  • Wikipedia in schools
    • In the schoolyear 2010/2011 Ivo Kruusamägi and Teele Vaalma visited alltogether 15 schools in Estonia, introduced Wikipedia and its editing rules and conducted a survey regarding general awareness about Wikipedia among students and teachers.
    • Contact: Ivo Kruusamägi and Teele Vaalma.
  • Cooperation with Estonian Ministry of Education and Research
    • Since the year 2013 there have been discussions with the Ministry about their possible support for piloting a large scope project for introducing Wikipedia in secondary schools of Estonia.
    • On the 1st of December 2013 the project of "Wikipedization of Research Writings of Secondary School Students" kicked off.
    • Project included payed staff for training (1 FTE) and for coordination activities (0.5 FTE), totalling 1,5 FTE.
    • Although contacts were established with 12 schools, only 6 of them participated in the project.
    • Alltogether 93 students and 20 teachers participated in Wikipedia lectures and workshops in schools.
    • A total of 41 students wrote at least 1 article on Estonian Wikipedia during the workshop.
    • The goal of the project was not achieved, as only 6 secondary school students engaged in wikipedization of their research writings.
    • A total of 19 articles were created and 11 significantly improved, based on the research writings of students, which equals 101 341 bytes of Wikipedia editing.
    • Contact: Teele Vaalma and Kaarel Vaidla.
  • Article writing in Narva Language Lyceum
    • Geography teacher of the school has integrated Wikipedia related tasks to the study of Geography.
    • It was done in years 2013 and 2014.
    • As students are in need of significant amount of assistance (Estonian is not their native language and they have never contributed to Wikipedia before), this initiative may be discontinued as an uneffective one.
    • Contact: Geonarva.
  • E-course for secondary school students
    • As the "Wikipedization of Research Writings of Secondary School Students" pilot project was unsuccesful, it was restructured in the end of the year 2014, with a new goal to provide a Wikipedia related e-course for interested secondary school students.
    • In January 2015 the 5-member project team consisting of teacher of Estonian language, educational technologist, specialist of academic writing and communication, wikipedian and coordinator started its work.
    • During the course all participants will be working on their own Wikipedia article and will provide feedback for other participants.
    • E-course will use the environment of Moodle and Estonian Wikipedia and will be available as an optional subject for schoolyear 2015/2016.
    • Contact: Kaarel Vaidla and Teele Vaalma.

Projects with wider scope[edit]

Heinrich Laakman as depicted by a participant (User:Kukkurt) of Tartu Art School project
  • Environmental Awareness Project
    • Project enrolled in the end of the year 2014 with an aim to increase environmental awareness by creating nature and environment related articles on Wikipedia.
    • Both secondary schools and universities, as well as environmental education centres are involved with the project.
    • Project includes training staff.
    • Project is funded by Estonian Environmental Investment Centre and will last until the end of 2015.
    • Contact: Kaarel Vaidla
  • Fenno-Ugric cooperation
    • Although not strictly an educational project, it includes several educational aspects.
    • In Spring 2014 Wikimedia Eesti applied for an Erasmus+ funding to support this project on international level, but application was rejected.
    • Wikimedia Eesti considers the project to be important and continues with it.
    • Minority Translate tool that is being developed for small wikis (like many fenno-ugric wikis are), could potentially be used in education (translation and languages studies). (P.S. The development of Minority Translate is a personal project of Ivo Kruusamägi and not directly related to activities of Wikimedia Eesti, nor funded by the chapter).
    • Contact: Sven-Erik Soosaar, Kaarel Vaidla and Ivo Kruusamägi

Image projects[edit]

  • Tartu Art School image project.
    • Enrolled during Spring semester 2014.
    • The main idea behind it is that students can also provide free images and pictures through education program.
    • During the Spring semester 2014 the project concentrated mainly on portraits.
    • 4 students contributed a total of 63 portraits.
    • Contact: Kaarel Vaidla

Additional Information[edit]