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week One[edit]


Howard Rheingold [by Joi Ito]

Metacognition is cognition about cognition. In other words it involves an awareness of our own thought processes.[1]


Sometimes people use devices to support metacognition. For example: notebooks, wikis, VR headsets. Other people can also help support metacognition by experiments like wiki-copiloting. The help of other people implies the management of group processes.

Another term for "augmented metacognition" is the "extended mind."[2] Something as simple as a paper notebook can be considered a "mind extension device."

Howard Rheingold used a particular methodology for synchronous group metacognition.[3] One of Rheingold's experiments was real-time creation of collaborative mind maps. mind map He also engaged in role-playing, making people assume the role of:

  • Contextualizer
  • Searcher
  • Summarizer
  • Mind-mapper
  • Wiki-master

Members of the Peeragogy group added new roles to this exercise.

Howard Rheingold was inspired by Douglas Englebart and his paper "Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework."[4]


Some instances of attempted, intended, or achieved metacognition in groups, with varying degrees of success, include:

  • Englebart Groups
  • The WELL
  • GCC (Global Challenges Collaboration), Facebook group
  • The Howard Rheingold University Social Media Classroom (SMC) based courses
  • Digital Life Collective
  • Federated Wiki
  • Practical Knowledge Ecology (PKE)
  • MetaCAugs
  • Peeragogy
  • (Radical Collective Intelligence)

Rheingold's courses[edit]

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Week Two[edit]

Three elements. Tell a plausible fictional story that incorporates the following three trends or signals:

  1. TikTok is moving into the education market. "Social media giant TikTok has announced plans to commission hundreds of experts and institutions to produce educational content for the platform."
  2. 3D printing is getting a boost during COVID-19. "As COVID-19 wreaks havoc on global supply chains, a trend of moving manufacturing closer to customers could go so far as to put miniature manufacturing plants in people’s living rooms."
  3. There is a surge of space activity. "Once every 26 months, the launch window for Mars missions opens, and this month presents a new opportunity for America, Europe, the United Arab Emirates, and China to launch orbiters, research tools, and rovers." Future Today INstitute:

Our Story about the year 2050[edit]

An image of one of the early hybrids

In 2050 there is a peer produced set of educational resources about rocket science. An emerging group of DIY-scientists sharing their plans on streaming video. People can download the digital materials and 3D-print the blueprints. The flying rockets have cams streaming constantly to TikTok. The shared aspiration is one of the rockets return home so it can be used again.

A dark TikTok exists with hidden groups trying to propose a counter-power. They teach forbidden information and science, particularly to create new species of semi-human beings.

People use technology to go to Mars to build up vehicles using special fuel. These enable people to move alone, driving and flying. This is a response to COVID-51, so people can move around in their bubble on Earth as well.

TikTok also runs its very own university, getting more appreciation than Harvard and MIT. In that university it's compulsory to learn to sing.

A lot of this is happening with pseudonyms and on the dark net and authorities are worried some of the DIY-rockets may go wrong. They are being suppressed by Amazon, they prefer these people working as Mechanical Turks. COVID-51 is around and for the contact tracing the rockets are being used as a sousveillance-network.

Humans are creating somethings more than humans. There are rumors on the Tik Tok University is promoting the superhuman mission of colonizing the universe; their objective is to distribute human culture and intelligence throughout the universe. Even though the University became a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) after the financial crisis of 2037, there are some charismatic leading figures, probably super humans created using technologies found on the Dark Web.

Some people suspect that the super humans are psychopaths. Super humans are maniac, they can't reproduce, they are synthetic. Among them there is a network of black people with DNA from West-Africa, mainly from Nigeria, a country which is rapidly becoming one of the most populated on the planet and which is a technological powerhouse specializing in crypto-currencies and crypto-genetics. Their informal leader is ..., a pluri-gendered Afro-Futurist artist and technologist.

Stray notes[edit]

  1. A plan to turn the atmosphere into a giant sensor. Economist article, but it's behind a paywall.
  1. Howard Rheingold
  2. Andy Clark?
  3. Social Media Classroom