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Wikipedia Ambassador Program Northeast Region listing of Campus Ambassador Trainings for the Fall 2011 semester.


Lesson points for initial Wikipedia Campus Ambassador trainings:

Ambassador Workshop lesson points Wikipedia Workshop lesson points
Campus Ambassador program basics. Five Pillars of Wikipedia.
Online Ambassador and pod assistance. Anatomy of an article.
Personalization of course page and fit to subject area. Editing and "cheat sheet" basics.
Motivating and facilitating student participation. Resources and online learning materials.


Will also include trainees from the rest of New York and New Jersey.

  • Dates: 2011- August 9, August 26, September 6...
  • Venue: New Work City and others
  • Trainers: Richard Knipel
  • RAs Responsible: Richard Knipel
  • August 9 session participants: Alexis, Chelsea, David, Malika, Richard, Roman, Terry
  • August 26 session participants: Corina, Gabriel, Richard, Steve
  • September 6 session participants: Amrita, Ann, Ben, David, Mark, Michael, Malika, Nicole, Richard, Roman, Terry