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History & Geography
  • Start year: 2013 (From 2010 - 2013 our education acitivites focused on classic (Wikipedia-) trainings for students and teachers. Then from 2013 we changed our approach and started working on a more strategic level by supporting the OER-movement. However, trainings for teachers and students were continued by the independent wiki:team, a network of active Wikipedians/Wikimedians (see Germany - wiki:team).
  • Countries (list all): Germany
  • Cities (list all. and please link to local WP articles.): all of Germany
  • Wikimedia projects (list all): all
  • Languages (list all): German
  • Funding (yes/no? please explain): Funding by the Federal Agency for Civic Education for the OER-Conference 2014 and funding by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research for the project "Mapping OER" in 2015.
  • Outreach events (workshops, conferences, etc.) (yes/no? and total #): Yes, 2 big OER-conferences in 2013 & 2014 and four workshops within the project "Mapping OER"
  • Courses (yes/no? and total #): no
  • WikiCamps (yes/no? and total #): no
  • WikiClubs (yes/no? and total #): no
  • WikiExpeditions (yes/no? and total #): no
  • Teacher training (yes/no? and approximate # of teachers trained): no
  • Government partnerships (yes/no?): yes (see above)
  • OER (yes/no?): Yes (2 conferences on OER in 2013 and 2014, government funded project "Mapping OER" in 2015, alliance for free knowledge since 2014)
  • MOOCs (yes/no?): no

Within our OER-projects we work with representatives of several institutions (schools, universities) rather than with the institutions themselves.


A total of approximately 800 people actively participated in our OER-activities by attending events (workshops, conferences), writing articles for the OER-website, writing political statements etc.


Wikimedia Deutschland does not count the amount of content created through its education activities.