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Wikipedia Workshop at MSI, Srilanka[edit]

Author: Mohammed Galib Hasan

Summary: A Wikipedia Workshop was held at Management and Science Institute Srilanka on 4 May 2017. About 28 Foreign participants and 15 Local participants were present at that workshop. The workshop was about “How Wikipedia is Contributing to Global Education”. In the Audience there were some University professors as well the dean of MSI.

Article: The main aim of this workshop was to make the audience familiar with how Wikipedia and Its Sister Projects are contributing to Global Education. There I projected some slides with the details about the Wikipedia Education Program, how it works, and some statistics related to the Wikipedia Education Program. I was able to help them understand about this as I got huge response from them in Q/A session. Besides this, I presented another session in this workshop about basic Wikipedia editing. I tried to give them some knowledge about how they can edit in Wiki. I discussed some topics like notability, copyright, references etc. In the audience there were some University and school teachers as most of them are Youth Delegates for their countries. The outcomes of the Workshop are:

  1. Got some new strategy ideas which I suggested to other education program leaders
  2. Made contacts with educators in other schools who are interested in learning more
  3. 10-15 individuals expressed interest in becoming new editors

A report is available here: Report

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