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This Month in Education
Volume 9 • Issue 9 • September 2020



At the beginning of September, we announced the results of the "Wikipedia as a substitute teacher" competition. The competition consisted of correcting and creating articles on Polish Wikipedia related to the core school curriculum. The jury consisted of Wikipedian teachers and teachers from the "Wiki-school" project. The article 'Film adaptation' won, and the author indicated which school would receive the award. read more...

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Start of the cycle “Caminos y voces de la educación con Wikipedia” (Pathways and voices of education with Wikipedia) with professors from the School of Pedagogy at UNAM and Wikimedia México. read more...

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Starting November 2019, we are highlighting a Wikimedian who is impacting or who has been impacted by Wikimedia & Education work. For September, in this article meet Catur Nurrochman Oktavian from Indonesia and learn from their experience in becoming a Wikimedia and later a movement organiser. read more...

The Use of Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons as tool for Module Development in the Philippines.jpg

Imelda R. Brazal, Reading Wikipedia Local Coordinator, Education Team, Wikimedia Foundation, discussed about Wikimedia: As Creative Commons and its Educational Benefits and Online Educational Resources (OERs) Creative Commons and Public Domain during the 3-Day Division Online Seminar-Workshop on Developing and Validating Localized Self-Learning Modules and Blended Learning Delivery Modalities for Social Studies and Humanities and Social Sciences Writers. read more...

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Wikimedia Indonesia Education Team wrote books that answer common questions they get about Wikipedia and Wikimedia in general. The books were launched this September along with a short video that talks about Wikipedia as well. read more...

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This year, Wikimedia Serbia is organizing the first online Edu Wiki camp, a three-day event that will be held on October 24, 25, and 31, through the ZOOM platform. The camp gathers students who are interested in actively contributing to the development of the Education Program of Wikimedia Serbia. read more...

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