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This Month in Education

Volume 10 • Issue 10 • October 2021



The contest "Kartvelian studies in Wikipedia", which was held within the framework of the Memorandum of Cooperation signed between the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia and the Wikimedia UG Georgia, ended on August 15. The purpose of the contest was to enrich Wikipedia with materials based on credible sources, to facilitate free access to information about Kartvelian studies, Kartvelian scholars, and Georgian manuscripts in Wikipedia. 16 users participated in the contest; they created 58 new articles and improved 18 existing articles. read more...

Wikimedia projects have been used in education for over two decades now. The community, meaning the people around the world who organize, lead, or participate in Wikimedia education activities, have identified ways to advocate for the use of Wikimedia projects in the education sector through new innovations and ideas. read more...

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Wikimedia Serbia is organizing the second Online EduWiki Camp during which the participants will have the opportunity to learn about the programs and projects of Wikimedia Serbia along with the chance to improve the skills that will help them in further volunteer engagement in the chapter. The camp is going to be realized through the Zoom platform on October 23, 24, and 30 2021. read more...

The new academic year is underway in the United Kingdom (UK), with courses at the universities of Edinburgh, Middlesex, Sheffield, and Sussex and Edinburgh College. read more...

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Read about how to use Wikipedia to create awareness of local history and culture! “Cieszyn Silesia in Wikipedia” is a project aimed at disseminating knowledge about the region, language, and culture of Cieszyn Silesia. The project is carried out by the Education team at the Wikimedia Polska Association on the initiative of the Polish Center at the Congress of Poles in the Republic of Poland. Czeska, in cooperation with the Wikimedia Czech Education team. read more...

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