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Armenian students inspire their parents to join Wikipedia[edit]

By Lilit Tarkhanyan (Wikimedia Armenia)

Snippet: Wikimedia Armenia organized its 4th wiki seminar for teachers.

Wiki teachers and Wiki Loves Science participants, group photo

Wikimedia Armenia organized its traditional wiki seminar for teachers on June 14-19 in Dilijan - one of the most beautiful cities of Armenia. It's already 4th wiki seminar in a row. This year we had the highest number of applications - 146, of which Wikimedia Armenia chose only 51 to participate. The aim of such seminars are the increase of reach of wiki projects and wiki-movement among teachers from different regions of Armenia, as well as to involve new editors and volunteers in the WM AM projects, especially in Wikipedia Education Program. During the seminar, the teachers learned about wiki-movement, its ideology, wikiprojects, how to edit different wikiprojects, the main rules and tools. After learning basic rules, the teachers began to improve and create articles with great enthusiasm. Day by day they deepened their wiki knowledge and editing became easier and fun for them in a way that no one wanted to leave wiki during the breaks.

Among participants there were also parents whose children already actively edit Wikipedia in the frames of Wikipedia Education program. Seeing their children so active in editing they wanted to learn editing tools themselves. Hamest Melikyan confessed:

I was worrying that my son could spent hours in front of the laptop. But now seeing the important work he is doing by creating and sharing free knowledge, I'd be more comprehensive. I'm so much proud of him!


Hamest's son - 7Vendetta7 is a high school student, one of the active editors of Armenian Wikipedia. Editing 1 year and 3 months he has already 3,401 edits in different wikiprojects and 755 articles on Armenian Wikipedia 1 of which (Dennis Bergkamp) was chosen first as a good and then featured article. 7Vendetta7 is also one of the editors of Armenian Wikipedia Education program, who has been selected by Wikimedia Armenia to participate in WikiCamp Portugal on August 17-27 organized for Western Armenian students.

The last 2 days of the seminar coincided with Wiki Loves Science project edit-a-thon during which teachers got acquainted with many experienced editors of Armenian Wikipedia who motivated them to continue their wiki way.

At the end of the seminar 7 teachers, who were actively editing since previous seminars, received Gratitude Certificates for enriching wikiprojects with high quality content.

Almost 2 weeks has passed since the teachers of the seminar has returned home. Many of them continue editing and enriching Armenian Wikipedia with high quality educational articles of their field.

Wiki Workshop on Saint-Petersburg Internet Conference 2016 in Russia[edit]

Saint-Petersburg Internet Conference 2016 Logo

By Niklitov, Wikimedia RU

Snippet: Visitors to a major Russian Internet Conference learned that there are Wikimedia and other WMF projects, in addition to Wikipedia.

Vladimir Medeyko, director of Wikimedia RU (WMRU) talks about goals of Wikimedia RU and Wikimedia Fondation Stategy.
Photo by Alina Mayorova

Vladimir Medeyko, director of Wikimedia RU and member WMRU had a presentation and workshop about how to work with Wikimedia sister projects. The following topics were discussed:

  • What unites Wikimedia sister projects?
  • Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, ect. opportunities for mankind
  • Promotion of new media — Wikinews.
  • Collaboration, sponsorships ang partnerships with organisations (ex: Wiki Science Competition).
  • OTRS question and open license for corporate and news website.
  • Working together (practical part of Workshop).
  • Grants and travel grants.

Questions showed that guests who only know Wikipedia. On other projects not previously heard. This means that we need more Wikipedia meetups, wiki and WMRU marketing events, external popular scientific PR, GR, IR.

Programs and Events Dashboard Update[edit]

By Tighe Flanagan (WMF)

Snippet: WMF and WikiEd Develop New Dashboard for Education Courses on Wikimedia Projects

The WMF education team has been working with the Wiki Education Foundation (“WikiEd”) to adapt their dashboard software for our global community. The WikiEd Dashboard allows users to easily plan and manage courses and track student contributions, and allows their organization to quickly pull data from all registered courses. A group of people at the Wikimedia Foundation have been working with WikiEd to develop a version of this software available to program leaders across the Wikimedia movement, making it work on every wiki and every language.

The WMF education team had internal support from the WMF Fundraising Tech team this past February. We currently contracting directly with WikiEd through the end of June 2016 to internationalize feature development. We look forward to sharing the progress that we make in the next two months! Also, Sage from WikiEd will be at the Wikimania 2016 Hackathon next month in Esino Lario if you are interested in hacking on this project!

Read more about Wikipedia Education Program dashboard here.

Online wiki training for educators in Greece[edit]

By Marios Magioladitis and Geraki (Wikimedia Community User Group Greece)

Snippet: WM User Group Greece starts free online wiki training for educators

Magioladitis talking about Wikipedia in adult education in CEE Meeting in Estonia.

Wikimedia User Group Greece has started a program to train teachers, via long-distance, on Wikipedia and its sister projects. The aim is to show the potential use of Wikipedia as a teaching instrument. The two main pillars that can build the integration of Wikipedia in Greek school are its value as an encyclopedia, and the building philosophy that reveals the knowledge production mechanisms.

The courses are free and offered by experienced Wikipedia volunteers. Held remotely, using screencasts and bidirectional communication via Skype or Google Hangouts, the course is tailored to the needs and questions of each teacher. The program includes an introduction to Wikipedia, training on basic editing (editorial policy, use of Visual Editor, Content Translation and other tools), and best practices for using Wikipedia in education. New training materials will be produced, including videos and cheat sheets, which will be also useful for training the general audience.

The program aims to attract educators in all levels of education. More than 200 educators registered til now. It is coordinated by long-time Wikipedian and educator Marios Magioladitis.

Read more about the Wikipedia Education Program in Greece here.

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