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Welcome to the Newsroom! The newsletter is published monthly, at the end of each month. The deadline for submissions is the 28th of the month. Submissions are welcome from anyone involved with Wikipedia/Wikimedia and education. Submit your news via the input box below! Concerned about your English or your writing skills? We can write your article for you! Click here for help.. Want to take part in the newsletter but don't have an article to submit? Participate in the featured topic discussion here. Thank you for contributing to the Education Newsletter!

Submit an article for This Month in Education![edit]

Current Drafts[edit]

This list is automatically generated listing pages with the category "Education/newsletter/drafts." If you create a news article without using the template above, make sure to manually add this category for visibility. Otherwise we may not see it and it won't get included in the next newsletter! (Purge the cache of this page in case a recent draft does not yet appear here)

"In the News" submissions[edit]

Please include:

  • Title of article
  • link to article
  • short summary of article