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English Wikipedia's WikiProject LGBT studies
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Project partner:
Wikinews LGBT Portal

Project purpose

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender contributors across Wikimedia projects are a significant minority of all contributors from all backgrounds. This outreach programme is intended to provide support and encouragement for LGBT editors and potential contributors to feel confident to contribute to LGBT related topics.

Contributors should feel comfortable to identify their sexuality on-wiki if they wish, without fear of harassment. Contributors should also be made aware of the risks they may face in doing so, particularly if they identify their account with their legal identity or are outed at some future point.

This project sets out to provide the advice, active support and tools that LGBT editors may need to contribute safely and with a ready support network if they are unsure of how to do the right thing within the wider community or how to handle apparent LGBT related harassment.

Additionally it will attempt cross-wiki coordination of LGBT related WikiProjects and build a greater sense of community among LGBT Wikimedians across all Wikimedia projects.


  1. Improve the editing experience for all contributors by ensuring that LGBT related harassment is dealt with by simple policies in a prompt manner regardless of sexuality.
  2. Ensure policies are effective across all Wikimedia projects.
  3. Provide support networks such as specific and welcoming IRC and OTRS support.
  4. Provide a sympathetic appeal mechanism when dispute resolution has failed and a contributor would prefer a self identified LGBT mediator or arbitrator to handle their case.
  5. Create a safer environment for LGBT readers of Wikimedia projects, with a special interest in improving the experiences of LGBT youth on Wikimedia projects.
  6. Build greater community among LGBT Wikimedians.
  7. Coordinate cross-wiki efforts among WikiProjects engaged in specific LGBT content development.

Specific outcomes

  • Increased participation and visibility by LGBT communities at Wikimania 2012 - building towards even greater engagement at future Wikimanias
  • Increased (open) participation by members of the LGBT communities on all Wikimedia projects
  • Coordination of LGBT WikiProjects
  • Guidelines on Outreach for recommending and improving policies across Wikimedia projects.
    • Chapter and WMF safe space policies to cover all events specifically ensuring any complaints of apparent LGBT related harassment are dealt with effectively and promptly.
    • Guidance for new LGBT editors (and those that edit LGBT topics) on how to stay safe and how to find help when things go wrong.
    • Simple guide to responding to LGBT related harassment or threats on all Wikimedia projects and IRC.
  • Access to LGBT specific help on-wiki, IRC and email (for example, access to LGBT identified OTRS volunteers via lgbt﹫ and gay﹫
  • Independent and expert assessment of the Wikimedia projects and the Wikimedia Foundation's effectiveness at handling homophobic harassment cases.
  • Commissioned surveys and statistical reporting on LGBT participation and perception of editing experience in order to support planned improvements.
  • Model for future minority outreach projects
    • Ideally going into Wikimania 2013 with at least four such projects - LGBT among them


Community building

LGBT Outreach Project coordination


Held on the second Wednesday of the month at 22:00 GMT on IRC (#wikimedia-lgbt connect). Agendas will be linked from this section in advance.



Initial project board

The term "board" is being used loosely to describe the group generally responsible for coordinating this project's activities.

Supporters / interested participants

Not necessarily able to or interested in leadership activities - but supports the project's efforts.


Previous LGBT outreach

Current outreach project