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Measuring Success for the MENA Global Education Program[edit]

The Monitoring and Evaluation Questions will be used as a follow-up survey once the Global Education Program pilot is completed. The questions will be sent either as a survey or conducted through personal interviews by WMF Staff or Campus Ambassadors. Ideally, these answers would be measured and tracked so Global Development and the Global Education Program staff can monitor the success/failures, metrics, and feedback. The information would be key information to report to the board/WMF, funders, university administration, community groups, students, etc.
  • Who does this program reach?
  • Does the program reach members of the community outside the direct target group?
Gender Diversity and Empowerment
  • Does this program increase academic well-being?
  • Does the program enhance female students’ goal-setting in the open source editing process and academic performance?
  • Is the program partially owned by beneficiaries (i.e. participants and academic community)?
  • Does the program secure enough human resources?
  • Does the program have enough financial resources and visible financial strategy?
  • Is the program supported in the University?
  • If applicable, is it supported in the community?
  • Does the program have a good relationship with external actors such as Ministry, School Administration, and organizations?