MENA Wikipedia Education Program meeting, Dr. Ahmed Darwish

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Dr. Ahmed Darwish, Cairo University

Dr. Darwish (continued)

  • Students ( The Sell): You are at the cutting edge. You know how little Arabic there is on Wikipedia. You understand the topic and can do better with translations because you are a translator. You are the next generation.
  • Additional sell: helps vocational and ethnical raining.
  • What are the chances we can create a workshop with the history of Wikipedia?
  • Dr. Darwish would be willing to be the sign-off sponsor for the event but proceed with caution and be aware of his personal interests
  • Many students don't want to learn FusHa. '
Ideas for Outreach
  • TEDxEgypt even held at the Auditorium. To do this we have to present a proposal and have a faculty sponsor from Cairo. * A professor puts his name and then we are able to present this to the school. 99% of the time, cases are denied and only 1/10 of these proposals are accepted. If there is a smaller group or not enough people, then you can have the even at a smaller campus venue.
  • Dr. Darwish would be interested in heaping to be a sponsor but we probably shouldn't go through him since he might want to be a consultant for the project (A.Iskandar)
  • Advertise the event as a regional initiative, create an Arabic region project.
  • We must provide that we can count to fill the auditorium with 3800 seats. create momentum
  • Develop a competition with Cairo vs. Ain Shams vs. Alexandria and upper Egypt
Insights after EU
  • He seemed to be coming from the angle of vying for a spot as a consultant to Wikipedia. He liaises as an EU consultant. A team wanted to invest in but the foreign team pulled out. He told them, "If you withdrawal EU money, people will realize that they don't need you (or your funding)-b el baraka."