MENA Wikipedia Education Program meeting, Reham Bahy

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Reham Bahy, Cairo University
Dr. Riham Bahi

Assistant Professor of Political Science and International Relations

Background on Classes Taught
  1. Foreign Policy (upper level: 350-400 students)
  2. Intro to IR (200 Students)
  3. 4th year Contemporary IR Issues
  4. 350 students taught in Arabic. 2 paper assignments per semester: mid year and end of the semester. This is a spring class.
  5. Culture in World Politics in Arabic (3rd and 4th year students, 200-300 students)
  • I have a copy of her syllabus (hard copy)

Next Steps[edit]

  • Email Riham for contacts with Nadine, Hala Said
  • Send her the soft copy of the Intro to Wikipedia and other documents
  • As far as next interactions, give the Dean a general presentation before proceeding with the program. We need him on board board before building out a WP program. Some people like the idea and others will not, but we should follow up with the Dean.
  • WMF must locate potential WP because she is interested in having a lab taught by Ambassadors to train students on WP.
  • Pitch to the whole school for TEDX for Faculty


  • Nadine and Hala Said would help with this initiative
  • Dr. Heba Raouf: teaches a class called "Science and Technology". This would be a good fit for a WP class
  • Mustafa Kamal Said: Partners in Development--he has an NGO
  • Dr. Hazem Hosny: Gender in Politics
  • Dr. Harriah


  1. Bring students to a point of understanding
  2. Train the students with the technical aspects of WP
  3. She wants a workshop facilitated by the Dean and WP
  4. Go to the higher levels and provide workshops
  • Sent her information; she is a very interested professor
  • "I see this as a benefit for WP and the skills of Egyptian students"
  • We know her through Adel's friend Zeinab
  • Example of how Riham used WP: she used it to find information about the military (Egyptian). Her main concern with Wikipedia was whether or not Wikipedia is a reliable source. She is a coordinator for AMIDEAST

The Sell[edit]

  • For students: "Posting to WP is the first step to getting published."