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City of Cape Town[edit]

Wiki Loves GLAMs, Cape Town
By Nkansahrexford

Iziko Museums[edit]

As part of the WikiAfrica Project, we worked with the Museums below in gathering contents from them. Over 1,000 pictures related to these museums were uploaded onto Wikimedia Commons. Many thanks to the Iziko Museums for their collaboration.

For a complete category of all the images form these museums, see the Iziko Museums category on Wikimedia Commons

Other Museums[edit]

Articles Started on Wikipedia[edit]

Sinenjongo High School.

Program Contacts[edit]

Program Information[edit]

Sinenjongo High School[edit]

  • A high school class in South Africa that has been writing Wikipedia Articles in isiXhosa.
  • Their teacher has been helping them with this effort for one hour a week. It's the only time that they have internet access.
  • 12 students at Sinenjongo High School, in the township of Joe Slovo Park, Milnerton, Cape Town, South Africa, wrote an open letter to MTN in South Africa as featured in this short film. MTN South Africa signed up for Wikipedia Zero as a result.

Wikipedia Primary School SSAJRP Programme[edit]


See also[edit]


These training tools may be downloaded and be used while offline.

Description Instructor Basics, How to use Wikipedia as a teaching tool (Wiki Education Foundation).pdf English: Brochure for the Wiki Education Foundation.

Description The Syllabus, A full term, 12-week assignment to write a Wikipedia article (Wiki Education Foundation).pdf

Article-writing tutorial videos[edit]

Article creation Article improvement
A demonstration, recorded live, of how to create a Wikipedia article (7 min 50 sec) A look at how to assess the shortcomings of an article and improve it (4m 22s)
Article assessments Article evolution
An exploration of the standard article assessment system, with examples of each quality level (11m 30s) A trip through the history of an article, from humble beginnings to Good Article status (6m 25s)


All the trainees from students to ambassadors, will be trained according to the guide lines given by Wikipedia guidelines

Manual of style

The MoS

The Edu-Program South Africa course helps students to reach Wiki training as expected.

Problems and Communications[edit]

Having problem?

All problems can be addressed to the EPPPSA talk page.

Member's userbox[edit]

Edu-Program S.A members can displays this userbox on their userpage to shows up their membership. Paste this code anywhere you want it to be appeared: {{Template:Student Organization Userbox/Edu-Program South Africa}}which will produce:

This user is a member of EPPPSA

List of participants[edit]

Feel free to add your name below, using this format:


September 17, 2015

Student Organizations/South Africa

  1. Ras Benjih September 17, 2015

Getting started[edit]

Helping Students Get Started

Writing articles[edit]

Writing articles

Getting help[edit]

For most kinds of help on Wikipedia—technical questions; policies and guidelines; etiquette; conflicts with editors; feedback and reviews of your work—the first place you should turn is the "Discussion" tab of your course page. On the course talk page, you can also see what questions and requests for feedback your classmates posted, and you may be able to learn from the answers they got or answer their questions yourself.

  1. Go to your course page, click the “Discussion” tab, and post your question or request in a new section. (Be sure to sign your post with four tildes — ~~~~ — and enter an edit summary before you save it.)
  2. If you don't get a response within a day or two, ask your instructor.

General Help

Other problems[edit]

  • If you have conflicts with another editor that you don't want to post about publicly, try talking with your instructor or any experienced Wikipedians your class is working with.
  • For subject-specific questions related to your course, talk to your instructor(s), teaching assistants, and classmates.

Analyzing your contributions[edit]