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List of Student Organization Userboxes[edit]

28 September, 2015[edit]

Category Student organization userboxes not found
Code Result
{{Wikimedia Clubhouse/South Africa/Userbox}}
This user is a member of Wikimedia Clubhouse South Africa
{{Template:Student Organization Userbox/Free State}}
Free State members of EPPPSA
{{Template:Student Organization Userbox/South Africa}}
This user is a member of SOSA

{{Template:Student Organizations/Userbox2/South Africa}}
This user is a member of SOSA

{{Template:Student Organization Userbox/Edu-Program South Africa}}
This user is a member of EPPPSA
{{Template:Student Organization Userbox/GLAM Admin}}
This user is an OUTREACH Admin
{{Template:Education/Countries/México/UNAM/Facultad de Química/Userbox}}
Soy parte del Programa de Educación de Wikipedia en la Facultad de Química
¿Te nos unes?

List of Student Organization Categories[edit]

Category Student organization categories not found

Suggestions for Creating your own Student Organization Userboxes[edit]

You may wish to create a student organization userbox and / or category based on some of the following ideas:


Create boxes or categories based on your region. This might be broad, like "Southern Hemisphere" or "Central Asia", or specific to your country, national region, state, or province.


Student Organizations in Iceland
Student Organizations in the Southwestern United States
Student Organizations in East Asia


List the languages your club or its members speak and at what proficiency.



Create boxes and categories based on what your club does.


How to Create your own Student Organization Userboxes[edit]

First, check to see if there is a category or box similar to the one you wish to create listed above. If there isn't, please type the name of your box or category in the input box below to create the template for your userbox.