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ar-N هذا المستخدم لغته الأم هي العربية.
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Walaa Abdel Manaem, Teaching Assistant for Department of Spanish Language and Literatures at Faculty of Arts, Cairo University, specialized in Spanish Literature; Sysop and editor on Arabic Wikipedia, and program leader ‎of Wikipedia Education Program (WEP) in Cairo University, Egypt since Spring 2013.

Please leave any messages on my talk page on the Arabic wikipedia, thanks!

I joined Wikipedia as a student editor in Wikipedia Education ‎program in the first edition early 2012. Served as a Wikipedia Ambassador in fall 2012 and program ‎leader since Spring 2013 for 7 consecutive terms now.‎ As a contributor to Wikimedia projects, I have contributed to almost all Wikimedia projects. I have created 490 articles about Spanish culture and literature on Ar wiki and 5 new ‎articles on Es Wiki, developed 14 featured articles, 4 good articles, 3 featured portals and 1 ‎featured list. I have nominated 59 featured photos on the Arabic Wikipedia. 26 of them are own ‎work. Also, I have 27 good photos on Commons. 20 of them are own ‎work. See a list of my featured work on Wikipedia here. I have uploaded 4,887 photos to Commons, ‎more than 150 lessons to Wikiversity, 30 articles to Wiktionary, 22 pieces of news to Wikinews, ‎‎ 2,046 to Wikidata, 32 quotes to the Arabic Wikiquote and 14 articles and category to Arabic Wikisource. My editcount on All Wikimedia projects is 42,465 in September 17, 2015.‎

I have led the program in Cairo University for ‎‏7‏‎ consecutive terms, gave at least ‎‏50‏‎ ‎workshops, ‎trained ‎more than ‎‏400‏‎ students and volunteers, participated in organizing events ‎and conference for ‎the ‎education program in Egypt. Participated and represented the ‎Egyptian program in the first ‎celebration ‎conference in Jordan in August 2013 and WEP ‎Hackathon in Amman, Jordan in May 2014. ‎Attended ‎Wikimania 2014 and 2015 in London ‎and Mexico City and participated in the Education pre-conference. ‎

I created a special portal in wikiversity for the Egyptian students who are interested in learning ‎spanish. I joined Egypt Wikimedians user group in July 2014, volunteered in organizing several events they held. I have uploaded 1808 files in Wiki Loves Monuments 2014 to be the highest ‎contributor ‎from Egypt and about 300 files in Wiki Loves Africa 2014.‎

I'm an active member of Wikipedia Education Collaborative and member of the International jury ‎of Wiki Loves Earth 2015. I was a member in the arbitration panel of the Producer prize on Ar wiki 2013 and 2014, and won ‎the ‎first place in the second round in 2013 and in the first round in 2015, participated in the arbitrary ‎panel ‎of Wiki Loves Monuments 2013 in Arab World, and was the head of arbitrary panel in ‎WikiWomen Prize ‎‎2014 and one the driving forces behind the contest that brought the highest results to ‎WEP ever. ‎

In Wikimania 2015, i had a presentation about Pitfalls, ‎Protocols ‎and ‎Prior Planning: a Panel on Making the Most of the Education Program with more ‎than ‎‎14 ‎Panelists. I participated on World café & Hackathon on Learning Patterns with ‎Kacie ‎Harold ‎‎(Education Program Pre-Conference), with the translation classroom as a main ‎topic.

I have wrote a 2 blog posts about my personal experience in Wikimania 2014 and 2015, 2 Newsletters here and here and created an Arabic Brochure of Editing Wikipedia for students in WEP in Egypt and everybody who would like to edit Wikipedia without ‎problems.