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Dang Brazal
Program Organizer, #1Lib1Ref PH 2020, Local Coordinator, Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom, Wikimedia Foundation,
Courage is of no value unless accompanied by justice; yet if all men became just, there would be no need for courage.

- Agesilaus the Second

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About me

Dang Brazal works as a licensed librarian in a public high school in the Philippines, she is an aspiring writer for the Bikol language and a former member of the Philwiki Community. Currently, she is the Local Coordinator of the Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom project in the Philippines, under the Wikimedia Education Team. She is also an advocate of free knowledge and sources in the Philippines. As part of a council of librarians, she introduces the Wikipedia, and Wikimedia resources to her fellow colleagues in librarianship. In the Bikol Region, she is part of the core group members who develops the Bikol Central Wikimedia Projects. She is also active in English, Tagalog and Cebuano Wikipedia.

More about Dang and her work as an editor and translator:

My work

Dang Brazal actively participates in both the online and offline activities of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Community Events/Offline involvement
  *Wikipedia Takes Naga, Participant
  *Community Meetups & Edit-a-thons
  *Wikigap Philippines 2019, Volunteer
  *WikiGap Challenge 2020, Volunteer
  *Art & Feminism in PH 2020, Volunteer
Organized Events
  *#1Lib1Ref in the Philippines 2019
  *Bikol Wiktionary Trainer's Training
  *#1Lib1Ref in the Philippines 2020
On-going Projects
  *Bikol Sentral Wiktionary, Administrator
  *Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom, Local Coordinator 

Contact me

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