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Welcome to Wikipedia, $1!
Wiki letter w.svg Wikipedia is an encyclopedia collaboratively written by many of its readers. Its sheer size means it's easy to get lost, so here are some pages to help you along. To learn about Wikipedia, see the index to our help pages. To customize the site's appearance and other options, change your preferences. For more information, consult some frequently asked questions. You can test your edits in the sandbox.
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Please sign your posts on talk pages by typing ~~~~, but don't sign encyclopedic articles.

You are welcome to start editing without learning our policies. But please, keep a neutral point of view, cite your sources to make articles verifiable, and please remember we are an encyclopedia. If other people haven't yet covered a topic, then we probably shouldn't either.

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We have lots of articles that still need images, m:w:Wikipedia:Picture tutorial can show you how to add pictures or become one of our photographers.
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If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask them: m:w:Wikipedia:Questions tells you the most appropriate place to post them.
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If you still need help, you can place {{helpme}} at the bottom of your talkpage with a question.