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Welcome to Wikipedia, $1!
Wikipedia is unlike any other internet site you'll ever see


  • ... how Wikipedia started
  • ... how articles get written and improved by people just like you!
  • ... that Wikipedia is owned by an educational charity with just 60 employees, and is funded by donations
  • ... what else we do
Reading, or want to make improvements and corrections?

Find out

  • ... what you can expect from Wikipedia articles
  • ... how to use Wikipedia for fun, work, study, and research
  • ... how Wikipedia's quality control works
  • ... how to make simple improvements and corrections
Creative? Start here!


  • ... the Wikipedia community
  • ... what you can do with a Wikipedia account
  • ... customizing your experience
  • ... telling others a bit about you on your user page
Anyone can add content immediately - and everyone does!

You can start now! But it helps to know editing skills and:

  • ... why some articles (and changes) are kept and some are not
  • ... what belongs in an article
  • ... what editors expect of each other
  • ... photos, videos, article review, and other ways to use your skills, hobbies and knowledge at Wikipedia
Amazing facts
  • ... a million edits a day, and other Wikipedia statistics
  • ... Wikipedia used in science and law
  • ... Wikipedia as an information clearing house during global news events
More help and information
  • Asking questions
  • Getting help
  • Donating
  • Privacy
  • In-house research
  • Technical and software
  • Regional chapters
  • Collaborating with Wikipedia
  • Article problems and issues
  • Wikimedia Foundation website
  • Legal
  • Contact us
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