Additional Ideas for Bookshelf Materials

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Use this page to keep track of ideas for future Bookshelf materials

  • Recruitment materials for Commons
    • Polish chapter has great demand for this because posting to Commons is an easier way to become a contributor than editing is
    • Video would be nice but too hard to localize; therefore screencasts are under consideration
    • Note that the current materials will have some messaging for Commons contributions
Note: Wikimedia Commons' user interface will be undergoing fundamental changes in the near future. See Multimedia Usability Project and the Blog posting about the kick-off meeting in Paris for further information.
  • Recruitment materials for Wiktionary
    • Polish chapter has great demand for this
  • Materials to persuade vandals to NOT vandalize
    • Provide link to these materials in the warning message they receive
  • Materials to teach new contributors how to revert vandalism
    • Perhaps screencasts
  • Welcoming new users
    • Essential piece for success
    • See Ideas for helping new contributors and its Talk page
    • Get Adopt A User working well
    • Leave a welcome greeting on new Users' pages with link to Bookshelf materials