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Editing: The Basics


Handouts & Job Aids


Welcome to Wikipedia is a reference guide to help you get started with contributing to Wikipedia. Using the guide, you will be able to create a Wikipedia user account, start editing, and communicate with other Wikipedia contributors. You will also learn how articles evolve on Wikipedia and how you can assess the quality of an existing Wikipedia article. Welcome to Wikipedia consists of 17 pages, including a quick reference to help you to remember frequently used wiki markup commands.

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— This handout explains why references are important, where to place them, and the basics of adding "ref" tags.
— This handout explains the basics of "ref" tags and the "name" parameter as well as "citation templates."
— This handout explains what plagiarism is on Wikipedia in addition to why and how to avoid it.
— This handout walks through how to move an article draft from a userpage sandbox into Wikipedia
— This handout explains the basics of uploading an image on the English Wikipedia.
— This handout walks through how to submit a new or newly expanded article to the Did You Know process so that it will appear on the Main Page.
''PLEASE NOTE: The following information on copyright and plagiarism is provided as only an overview in an effort to help you and your students comply with Wikipedia's copyright policies. It is not intended to provide or imply legal advice. If you have questions or concerns regarding potential copyright issues, please consult a licensed attorney in your area.



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