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The assessment team is a group of volunteers who use their expertise to assess the public policy articles improved through the Initiative courses. The assessment team quantifies the content improvement that everyone on this project works so hard to achieve; it is made up of both policy experts and experienced Wikipedians. The policy experts all have graduate degrees in public policy or a related field from top universities, including: Berkeley, Boise, Brandeis, Georgetown, Pennsylvania, Pepperdine, Sacramento, and Syracuse. We have policy experts who have worked in policy for over 30 years, emeritus professors of public policy, several recent graduates, and some currently active in the public policy field. Policy experts were recruited through alumni email lists of many universities. Wikipedians were recruited through direct invitation on their user talk pages and were selected for quality assessment experience, a non-confrontational style, and interest in public policy topics. In the fall there were six policy expert and fifteen Wikipedian assessors (1:2.5, PE:WP). This spring there are twenty-five policy experts and eleven Wikipedians (2.3:1, PE:WP). Over the course of both terms there have been a total of twenty-eight policy experts and seventeen Wikipedians on the assessment team.