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Wikipedia Education Program at Ashesi University.

Educational institutions and instructors




What is the problem to be solved: The trainer will be assisting undergraduate students be teaching the,m how to edit Wikipedia by mew articles or improving existing articles. The students will also be exposed to how to contribute to other sister projects of the Wikimedia Foundation.The trainer will assist the lecturer of this course and her Teaching Assistants to structure English Wikipedia in the curriculum of the students. Editing Wikipedia will be used as a course assignment and students will be awarded marks counting towards their final assessment of the

Program leader : Raphael Berchie

Anticipated Impact:

  • A class of 250 students

Topic: Social Theory Duration: 1 semester


  • The lecturer is an open movement activist and wants her students to be conversant with information and also contribute to existing information and knowledge and not only be users. Open Foundation is set to help the lecturer and Teaching Assistants train the students on editing Wikipedia, a campus based club will be formed and their leaders will be trained to take up the mandate of seeing to the continuity of this program. (OFWA) will then oversee and supervise the activities of the club.
  • The Lecturer has been given a needs and assessment form designed by group to help make suggestions as to which tools available on Wikipedia will help him keep his students engaged while meeting their editing goals.

Other forms of the agreement have also been reached.

  • OFWA is working on a grant that will take care of the Education Program and the activities of the campus based club.
  • Program leader is expected to make provisions to apply for souvenirs for the school's program and the campus based club.
  • Program Leader will expose students of the program and members of the Club to on-going interventions within the movement.
  • Program leader is expected to visit schools if need be and help the group write a report on success or challenges,
  • The lecturer will be assisted by the Program leader to monitor the contributions of the students using the dashboard.
  • The educator would grade the students through the articles they have created.
  • The Trainer will assist students to create new articles and also improve existing ones.

First training:

  • Venue: Ashesi University, Brekuso Easter Region

First session

  • Time: 14:00pm

second session

Second training: First session

second session


Potential Partnership:

  • Plans are underway to enrol the Ashesi University's Library on the The Wikipedia Library.