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This space is being used to collect review comments on the layouts for the Bookshelf deliverables.

Welcome to Wikipedia[edit]

SN Location Issue and solution Comment
(Lead input)
Direction (change?)
(Lead input)
(Lead input)
# GLOBAL I got this warning when I tried to open the file in Acrobat reader. Please review. - change done/not done
# GLOBAL Please review the entire document for instances on kerning and make the necessary changes. For example, page 1, line 2, word "every", r and y merge together. - change done/not done
# GLOBAL For both colored and b/w prints, patches/spaces can be seen around some images, speech bubbles, try it, sara etc. For example, pgs 4, 8, 12, 16 - change done/not done
1 GLOBAL Reduce the size of the section titles so that the title can come in one line - change done
2 GLOBAL lowercase letter size issue in all text The text is of varying size in different pages. Could you please ensure that the font size is consistent across the pages. change done
3 GLOBAL Sara's hand needs editing in all images that it is visible. Could you edit it and/or minimize its visibility? pg2> Create a new hand
pg4>Edit such that the hands are not seen
pg17> Do something with so the posture and hands do not look as weird.
pg 18> Use new012.bmp instead
change all OK, not done: pg 17
4 GLOBAL Add page numbers - change not done
5 pgs 4,5,8,12,13,14,15,20 These pages have instances of one word alone on a line. Strays. This should be corrected. There are also instances in the speech balloons which I think should be corrected but if necessary this could be considered an exception. - change done
6 pg1 Would like to see a more interesting treatment of the text. can we use a different font for this one quote? A font that has a more three dimensional effect, or lines to making look like the text is zooming in, or in a spiral, or a shaded edges or it looks puffy. Make it more interesting. We are constrained with the fonts we can use for this project - free, open source no change -
7 pg1 Make "Jimmy Wales" of a bigger font. Same size as the font size in the body of the text inside (core instructional text). - change done
8 pg1 Align the quote to the final copy. Change the current quote to "Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge." - change done
9 pg2> para1> line2-3 "100" and "thousand" should be on same line Move "100" down to next line. change done
10 pg2 the lower case letter "r" looks odd. It's taller than the other lowercase letters. What's happening with that? Is that just the font style? Does not look odd when printed or on screen no change -
11 pg2> para1> line4 Change "388 million people" to "388 million unique visitors" - change done
# pg2> para1> line4 Incomplete sentence. REWRITE "Every month, over 388...visitors Wikipedia" ---> "Every month Wikipedia receives over 388 million unique visitors." - change done/not done
12 pg2> para1 Add another line in small italized font "(Data from July 2010)" Move the line closer to the paragraph above. change <done/not done>
13 Page 2> Learning objectives panel Can the panel be made larger so that more sentences are in single lines - change done
14 Page 2> Sara's speech bubble Unbold "Sara" - change done
# pg3> para1> line1 Remove comma after (Wikipedians)-->"...(Wikipedians) share an..." - change done/not done
15 pg3> para1> line6 isn't "information" and "data" (almost) synonyms? Suggest either removing "data" or replacing with "feedback" Information and data are separate-data is number driven, information is descriptive no change -
16 pg3> para2> line3 and 4 "the world" occurs twice, suggest "globally" Change "...provide free knowledge to the world."-->"...provide free knowledge to everyone." change done
17 pg3, par2, line2 See note 36, same size issue with the letter"n" in "Wikipedians" in bold Does not look odd when printed or on screen no change -
18 pg3 graphic Sara's hand looks out of proportion. Too large. - Please review if the change can be made -
19 pg3>end of paragraph 1 Add another line in small italized font "(Data from July 2010)" - change done
20 pg3>par2>line1 unbold "Wikipedians" Align to the final copy change done
21 pg3>Sara's dialog unbold "But who decides what gets published?" Align to the final copy change done
22 pg4> para1> line6 and 7 "decision" and "making" are on separate lines, which makes for decreased understanding, suggest either hyphen or placing them on same line Refer entry below -
23 pg4, para1, line 5 Change "Instead, Wikipedia relies on input from contributors and collaborative community decision making to create quality articles."-->"Instead, Wikipedia relies on input from contributors around the world to create the world's largest repository of encyclopedic content." - change done
24 pg4> "Try it!" I like the arrow, which really puts focus on the "Try it!" section - - -
25 pg4, para2, Line 3 "While the social aspect of working towards a..." DELETE "s" to make "toward" - change done
# pg4, para2, Line 3 change "brochure" --> "reference guide" - change done/not done
26 pg4, para2, line 5 Consider CHANGE "disseminate" to "distribute". A simpler word to aide in translation. - change done
27 pg4 Try it Box - final para DELETE "s" from "others" - "Answers to this question and other quizzes can be..." - change done
28 pg4>Try it! Unbold the three answer options Align to the final copy change done
29 pg4>Sara's dialog Unbold "Tell me more. Where can I start?" Align to the final copy change done
30 pg4>Sara's dialog Change "Helping everyone across the world get access to free and quality content makes a lot of sense to me."-->"Helping everyone across the world get access to free content makes a lot of sense to me. " Align to the final copy change done
# pg4 Try it the necessary info for answering the question is no longer in the text. - (Anyone who has access to the Internet) That's a good point. Learners can arrive at the answer by exclusion. It is explicitly stated that contributors and not an official entity create articles. It is implicitly mentioned that the contributors need Internet - we mention in page #3 the online encyclopedia aspect. Let me know if yo have any further concerns. no change -
31 pg5 and 10 para "Try it!" These "Try it!":s are different than the others, they tell you to do something, rather than answer questions. They should have different symbols for each steps, instead of white boxes - Please review done
32 pg5 the page seems heavy, with three long paragraphs plus instructions, "Try it!" and Sara dialogue. Breaking up the text will make an uneven number of pages (=bad), so I suggest that we cut some of the text, see note [1] Change the current paragraph to "Creating a user account is a good first step when you begin contributing to Wikipedia. An account allows you to create new articles (pages), upload images, and rename pages. You also get access to useful features, such as watchlist. Watchlist lets you follow articles that you are editing as well as other interesting pages.

More importantly, since all your edits are assigned to your account username, you have an identity on Wikipedia. This helps you interact with others that edit the same articles, and helps you become a trusted member of the community. As you get accustomed to Wikipedia, you will find that you have more to say in discussions and you might help others solve problems.

You can edit Wikipedia without having an account. However, without an account, your edits are assigned to your computer's Internet protocol (IP) address. The Wikipedia community tends to distrust edits from an IP address, especially if it is traced to a school or company network where unregistered users may make edits based on their biased interests. Editing articles where it might be hard to remain impartial is considered a conflict of interest on Wikipedia. For example, if a student edits an article about her school, she may have a biased perspective on the school's national importance.

It is easy to create a Wikipedia account and you are not required to provide any personal information: 1. Click Log in/create account, located at the top right side of the page. 2. Choose your Username 3. Select your Password. 4. Click Create account" "
change <done/not done>
33 pg5 Red page is a difficult to look at. Difficult to read Orange and black text. It is an approved color combination. It reads fine in colored and b/w prints. no change -
34 pg5 para1 line 1 and 6 content had BOLD font on "account", and "Watchlist" Align to the final copy change done
35 pg5 para2 line 2 BOLD "Userpage" starting sentence. Align to the final copy change done
36 pg5 para3 line 3> INSERT space after "protocol" - "computer internet protocol (IP) address." - change done
37 pg5 Number list BOLD "Log in/create account", "Username", "Password", "Create account" Align to the final copy change done
38 pg5 para3 line6 INSERT space before "Editing" - "interest. Editing articles where it might be hard to remain impartial and unbiased..." - change done
# pg5 para3 last line Seems like national can move the previous line - review and change done/not done
39 pg5 Try it box Size issues with the lowercase "a", "r" and "ch". Same issue with many instance of "you and"your in all three paragraphs. See issue item for pg2 above - Does not replicate for all screens. Please check if this is a non-issue. -
40 pg5>Try it! Unbold all the three options Align to the final copy change done
# pg5, Try it!, #2, ln 1 Unbold watchlist - change done/not done
41 pg5 Speech balloon DELETE "with other contributors" and retain period. - "account, I can contribute to creating quality articles." - change done
# pg5 par1 line5 Change "You also get access to useful features, such as watchlist. Watchlist lets you follow articles....interesting pages."--->"You also get access to special features such as My watchlist. A watchlist lets you follow the articles that you are editing and bookmark other interesting pages. To add an article to your watchlist, click the star icon at the top of the article." - change done/not done
42 pg6> para "Recent changes"1> "allows" occur twice. Change "Recent changes allows you to view edits made to all Wikipedia articles in chronological order." to "Recent changes shows you the edits made to all Wikipedia articles in chronological order." - change done
43 pg6 Message boxes All of the messages boxes have font size issues, specifically with lowercase "s" "u" and sometimes "v" - Does not replicate for all screens. Please check if this is a non-issue. -
44 pg6>First line Left align: "The Wikipedia Main page" - change done
45 pg6>Help and Languages 1. Move "languages" bubble lower and bring "Help" bubble between Recent changes and Languages so that there is lesser criss-crossing. Also so that all bubbles get in the main page. And Today's featured article banner is visible to the learners. - change done
# pg6&7 Font in light green message windows still has odd short letter issue, in particular, o, w, r, - Please review done/not done
46 pg7> Sara dialogue Sara refers to an article but the legends cover the article. Maybe she should say something about how things seem clearer now, instead. The dialog would seem fine when the bubbles are moved around and Today's featured article is made visible no change -
47 pg7 message boxes lowercase letter size issue as above - Does not replicate for all screens. Please check if this is a non-issue. -
48 pg 7 Try it box INSERT space "timestamped" should be two words "time stamped" - change done
49 pg7 Try it box Answer text lowercase letter size issue as above <team remarks> Does not replicate for all screens. Please check if this is a non-issue. -
# pg7 Try it box>Question around Josh Add the word "Wikipedia" before "policies" --> "...needs information about Wikipedia policies and guidelines..." - change done/not done
# pg7 Try it box>before question around Josh Add numbers to each try it section as page 5 - change done/not done
50 pg7 Try it box Answer options unbold answer options Align to the final copy change done
# pg7 Try it box line1 BOLD - Recent changes }} - change done/not done
# pg7 Try it box do you feel that the information in the message box is enough to answer the TRY it question? Concern address in #49A above - -
51 pg8> whole page Good illustration of the different roles as made by people all over the world - I think it would be cool though to give the different figures names "Ralph, Wisconsin, USA (line break) WikiGnome", "Lena, Russia, (line break) Maintainer" Just using names can get confusing for the learners. We will need to add text to clarify what we mean, which might be more change that we can absorb at this time. no change -
52 pg8> various places some of the arrows point into the ocean (or to very small islands). Also the coast lines are hard to see because land and sea have too similar colors Please review change done
53 pg8> para "WikiGnome" change "leaving a message for the authors on the article's Talk page, which is accessed by clicking Discussion." to "leaving messages for the authors by clicking the article Discussion page." - change done
54 pg8> para "Copyeditor" "Formatter" is a separate paragraph Create a another para and person for Formatter change done
55 pg8>Copyeditor INSERT space before "Formatter" - "article.Formatter: Structures" - change done
56 pg8>Copyeditor BOLD "Formatter" - change done
57 pg8 DELETE space between slash and philosophical - "personal agenda or

political/ philosophical" || - ||change||done

58 pg8 Mediator doesn't have a location dot at the end of dashes - change done
59 pg8> Sara's dialog Unbold "How exciting!" - change done
# pg8 Illustrator misspelling - INSERT "e" to make "aides". --> "Illustrator: Uploads...visual aides.." - change done/not done
# pg8 Font issue - u, v - Review done/not done
# pg8 graphic change the pointers to include Asia or Middle East. eg. Illustrator can point to Middle East, Maintainer to China, Copyeditor to Greenland, WikiGnome and Mediator to the US, Formatter further up but continues to stay in South America - change done/not done
60 pg 9 no red background please Approved color and design no change -
61 pg 9> Try it! unbold the four answer options Align to the final copy change done
62 pg 9> para2>line1 Change "To provide authenticity to your edits, maintain your User page. It is a good way to build trust." --->"Add information about yourself and your interests to your User page. Maintaining your User page is a good way to build trust and provide authenticity to your edits." - change done
# pg9 para1 last line Delete the last two lines, "Another way is to Search....Style"" - change done/not done
# pg9 para2 line1 BOLD User page -->Add information about yourself and your interests to your User page. - change done/not done
63 pg10 para 1 line 8 CHANGE "could" to "can" - "can leave a message on the article's Discussion page citing the discrepancy..." - change not done
64 pg10 para3 line 6 INSERT "'s" - to make "article's" in second instance - "the article's Discussion page. The article Discussion page is also a..." - change done
# pg10 para3 line 1 Unbold Discussion -->"Every article also has a Discussion page." - change done/not done
65 pg10 para4 Note Remove quotes "called "talk pages" by the community-->"called talk pages by the community" - change done
66 pg10 Try it box The toolbar is provided for images. Please cull out images for B(Bold), I (Italics), and the Link symbol from the toolbar and use it within the sentence. "-[B image](Bold), [Italics image] (Italics), and [Link image] (Link)." - change <done/not done>
67 pg10 Try it box Unbold both the Try it! options - change <done/not done>
# pg10 Try it box last line Replace brochure by reference guide ---> "...back of this reference guide" - change <done/not done>
68 page10> Sara's dialog Remove "My"-->"on my talk page" - change done
# pg10 Speech balloon Font issue appears in this speech balloon and previous speech balloons - Please review done/not done
69 pg11> Sara image The picture comes before we know what she is talking about, move it to end of page 12 - change done
70 pg11 Each step has an arrow pointing to it. The only other time this happens is for one of Sara's dialogue (page 9). This seems strange to me. Suggest replacing arrow on page 9, or replacing arrows here with headings "Beginning", "Decent article" and "Very good article" or similar The key design stakeholder was OK using the chevron in unpredictable and fun ways. no change -
71 pg11>para1 Use consistent font sizes across the page - change done
72 pg11 para2 line7 INSERT comma after "missing" "a "stub". If any of the three items are missing the community may assume..." - change done
# pg11 para2 line7 Remove quotes and bold stub. "This basic article is called stub." If any of the three items are missing the community may assume..." - change done/not done
# pg11 para3 line13&14 Change, "Based on the feedback, the article...Discussion page--->"Based on the feedback, the writers plan an improvement strategy using the article's Discussion page. - change done/not done
# pg11 para3 line 6/7 Bold Wikipedia peer review process. "nominate their article for a Wikipedia peer review process." - change done/not done
# pg11 para3 last line Bold Discussion. "...Discussionpage." - change done/not done
73 pg12 This page needs more interest. Can we have a small insert of the Main Page with the Featured article headline visible? Once Sara's image moves to the bottom of the page, it will not look as uninteresting. no change -
74 pg12> Try it box after "answer" CHANGE colon to period. This creates consistency with other Try it multiple choice questions. - "involve? Select the correct answer." - change done
75 pg12> Try it box Unbold the answer options - change done
76 pg12> Try it box> Answer options#3 Change "by Wikimedia Foundation"-->"by the Wikimedia Foundation" - change done
# pg12 para1 line3/4 Bold and remove quotes from </nowiki>good articles</nowiki> --> "good articles" - change done/not done
# pg12 para1 line6 Bold and remove quotes from </nowiki>featured articles</nowiki> --> "featured articles" - change done/not done
77 pg13> Try it box Is there a simple way to separate the two questions? For example "~o~" Instead of a separator used now, add numbers to each Try it! question as page 5 - change done/not done
78 pg13 and 14> The three major parts "Structure", "Content" and "Community" needs some symbol to really hit home that these are the three big things. Move large chevrons to Structure, Content, and community. Smaller chevrons for the sub-bullets change done
79 pg13> para "Structure"> line2 and 3 "helps" occurs twice, suggest "assists" second time - change done
80 pg13> para "The body" and "Appendices" Both mention "references" and external links (in different ways), suggest remove from "The body" Change the last line from Body"history, geography, climate, economy, civic administration, demographics, culture, references, and external links." --> "history, geography, climate, economy, civic administration, demographics, and culture." change done
81 pg13 para2 line9 after articles DELETE ellipsis, INSERT period, Cap "Then" to make a new sentence - "bottom of Today's featured article, click More featured articles... then scroll down to Contents" - change <done/not done>
82 pg13 para4 line2 CHANGE "an' to "the" - "points covered in the article." - change done
# pg13 para2 lines1-4 REWRITE the first sentence "Providing...well organized"---> "Providing a clear article structure helps readers find information and assists editors in keeping all aspects of a topic well organized." - change done/not done
83 pg14 Sara's speech is out of place here. She should say something like "I want to review the four guidelines that are critical for consistent quality in Wikipedia." It aligns to the next topic. This might look odd in the electronic format but it works well when you print it out. no change -
# pg14> Community Bold Help and The Wikipedia community--> "..options available at Help> The Wikipedia community" - change done/not done
84 pg14 Move this Sara's speech balloon to the top of page 15 The balloon is designed for it be an exit statement no change -
85 pg 15 para1 line4 CHANGE "A" to "An" to make "An island" - "check if the subject is mentioned in closely related topics. An island for example..." - change done
86 pg16> pa1 We need to explain what this is, since the instructions on last page (a right page) seemed to be conclusive. Suggest "Tip!" instead of arrow I am not sure what this comment is. At this stage, we are unable to add a new element "Tip" no change -
87 pg16 para1 Needs an opening sentence. Before current first sentence suggest INSERT "When you start your article you will need a place to work." - change done
88 pg16 para1 Move the chevron from the top of the page to para2 which refers to how a sandbox is created - change done
89 pg16 para1 line2 Change "where you can edit your article until it has all the three critical elements."-->"where you can edit your article until it has the three elements." - change done
90 pg16 para2 line 1 CAP "U" - "User page" - To create your sandbox: Go to your User page"> Click Edit> - change <done/not done>
91 pg16 para2 line2 DELETE space. In house style is "username" as one word. Write [[User:<Your username>/Sandbox]] > Save page> - change done
92 pg16 para3 line6 DELETE "the" - "to that article. Leave a message on that editor's Discussion" - change done
93 pg16 Try it box first & second answer CHANGE "An explanation" to " A summary" Creates consistency with list on previous pages. - change done
94 pg16 Try it! Unbold the three answer options - change done
95 pg17 whole page The red color on this page almost makes me scared. Can we make it a "kinder" color? Approved color no change -
96 pg17 The speech balloon over the page text looks messy. The text in the white menu box isn't sharp. No red page please. - Review the speech bubble and white menu usage -
97 GLOBAL and pg17 Sara's right hand is weird with jagged edges. Her left arm looks as if it's at a strange angle. Perhaps due to the elbow highlight? Could you review and edit Sara's hands for all pages. Maybe make is less visible? change not done
98 pg18 whole page Sara and the grey box crash into one another. Sara's dialogue should take precedence, since we have already seen that information. Suggest we make it smaller Colors are aligned to the approved design. Font feedback provided as a global change no change -
# pg19, section title Change "Try it! Answer Key"-->"Try it! answer key" - change done/not done
# pg19, question 2 Add the word "Wikipedia" i.e. Change "..he needs help with policies..."-->"..he needs help with Wikipedia policies..." - change done/not done
99 pg19 I know that this is cultural, but to me, marking the right answer with a red X makes it seem that we are telling people what the wrong answer is. Suggest we change to green check-mark. Change to green check mark. change not done
100 pg19 Last answer CHANGE "An explanation" to "A summary" Creates consistency with Try it box question - change done
101 pg 19 Bottom CAP "User" - "For further information, visit Sara's User page at" - Not valid. Refer entry below -
102 pg19 url Delete the url and  add the following information at the bottom of page 18 "This educational content is brought to you by Wikimedia Bookshelf project. To download an electronic copy of Welcome to Wikipedia and other Bookshelf materials, visit". This location also houses source files that allow you to translate, customize, and reuse Bookshelf materials. Please note this change in the url. This is a placeholder. Confirm before printing change not done
103 pg20 pa1> line3 Delete the last line "What has Wikipedia done for you" - change done
104 pg20 pa3> line1 Bold "Welcome to Wikipedia" - change done
105 pg20 pa4> Using "the next step" in this paragraph too (see paragraph 3), makes it seem that she is taking yet another step, after the first two. Delete "takes the next step and"--> "Follow Sara as she makes her first edits on Wikipedia." - change done
106 pg20 para2 line 5 INSERT "to" before "explore" - "use it to explore far lands, ancient cultures, art" - change done
107 pg20 para 2 rewrite INSERT "fine" before "art" and "civic" before "leaders" --> "use it to explore far lands, ancient cultures, fine art, civic leaders, and recent events." improves the rhythm and balance of the sentence, each noun has an adjective. civic leaders, and recent events. - change done/not done
108 pg20 para4 line4 REWRITE to "tools, to get you started as a contributor to Wikipedia." Better grammar and meaning. Prefer the current version. no change -
109 GLOBAL The chevron icon isn't really working for me. How about an icon that references Wikimedia or Wikipedia. Create an icon like a puzzle piece, or the y and dot of the Wikimedia logo, or use one of the green petal shapes, or the Wikipedia "W" on it's side, or one point of the Wikipedia "W" with one thin arm and one thicker At this time we are not looking to make design changes. The chevron in the current mode was approved in an earlier design review no change -
# Wiki markup reference guide, pa1 Change the entire paragraph to --> "To make changes to an article, click Edit at the top of an article, make your edits, and then click Save page . Your edits are now visible to anyone who visits the page. If you have more information to add or need to correct a mistake, make another edit. Do not be afraid - you cannot accidentally make permanent deletions. All previous versions of an article are saved under View history and contributors can revert to an earlier version by simply clicking undo.

Provided below are shortcuts to frequently used wiki markup that will help you when you edit Wikipedia articles."
- change <done/not done>
110 Wiki markup reference guide, pa1> line1 Change "to start"--> "to start editing" - change done
111 Wiki markup reference guide, pa1> line2 Remove the space before period after "page" - change done
112 Wiki markup reference guide, pa1> line6 "undo" should have capital "U" Style aligned to the way undo is written on the website where menu item, U is not capitalized. Bold undo Refer item above - -
113 Wiki markup reference guide, "Headings" "---Level 2---" does not give a heading, should be "===level 2===" Align the section to the Help menu. Screenshot here. change done
114 Wiki markup reference guide, "Links" The three different links are not very clear. In first line, column 2 "[[Link to another page]]" gives the link "Link example", second line, column 2 "[[Link|different title]] gives the link "My link", and in the third line, column 2 "[ Test website]" gives the link "External link". This should rather read:
  • [[William Shakespeare]] gives the link "William Shakespeare"
  • [[William Shakespeare|Shakespeare]] gives the link "Shakespeare"
  • [ White House website] gives the link "White House website"
- change done
115 Wiki markup reference guide, "Image with caption" See above, the "what you write", does not tally with "what you get" Align the row to the image here. change done
116 Wiki markup reference guide, "Reference" "<ref>Page text.<ref name-"test">[ Link text], additional text.</ref>" is almost nonsense and gives an error message, since there is an uneven number of tags. What it should say is either
*"<ref>[], additional text.</ref>" or*"<ref name="test">[], additional text.</ref>"
Align the style to what is seen here. change done
# Wiki markup reference guide, "Reference" Align the last row to "Display references - <references/> - [link] [/link], additional text" - change done/not done
117 Wiki markup reference guide, whole page I like the design of the piece - - -
118 q ref table item1 CHANGE single quote on left to double quote "italic text" and CHANGE cap "I" in What you get column to lowercase -italic text- - change done
119 q ref table item2 CHANGE double quote left to triple quote bold text and CHANGE cap "B" in What you get column to lowercase -bold text- - change done
120 q ref table Section Headers The words in What you get column are not the same as the words in What you type column. MOVE the words -level 1- to the left of the == marks. Do the same with level 2 and level 3. Then write the exact same words with the exact same caps or lowercase between the == signs and then use those exact same words in the What you get column Already addressed above - -
121 q ref table Links I don't understand the three link items at all. Are you supposed to type an article title? Addressed above - -
122 q ref table Bullet the What you get column should be the same words as the What you type column <team remarks> <change/no change> done
123 q ref Bulleted list Bulleted list the what you get column should be the same words as the What you type change done
124 q ref Image CHANGE the word "example" to "wikipedia logo" and enter real caption text and then show it in What you get column - change -
125 q ref signature Explain the items in What you get. What is meant by - (talk)? Thats what you get when you use four tildas no change -
126 q ref Ref rework What you type. especially the name=" " ALSO how about -additional ref text- instead of -additional text- Addressed above - -
127 q ref Display this doesn't make sense Addressed above - -
128 q ref reconsider the green color in the table. It isn't attractive. Aligned to the cheatsheet design no change -
# q ref para1 font issue review - done/not done


Review: Designer to review the comment and make change if necessary.

  1. This has also the added value of making it seem less difficult getting an account, i.e. you don't have to know thirty things before you get an account. Instead, the three things you need to know is: 1) getting an account is a good way to be trusted, 2) if you don't get an account, your IP adress will still be logged, and 3) you can do more with an account. Sorry for only mentioning this now, but I didn't realise how the amount would read on the page before./~~~~