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Peter and Diane (Wikipedia for Marketing Communications)[edit]

SN Dialog (tentative) Mood Suggestions Filename Comments
1 - Peter looks confused, Diane relaxed Peter and Diane are sitting together discussing over a cup of coffee. Both are shown talking. Reference image. - -
2 - Peter interested, Diane relaxed Peter and Diane are sitting together discussing over a cup of coffee. Both are shown talking [different pose]. Reference image - -
3 - Peter interested, Diane relaxed Peter and Diane are sitting together discussing over a cup of coffee. Both are shown talking [different pose]. Reference image - -
4 - Peter interested, Diane relaxed Peter and Diane are sitting together discussing over a cup of coffee. Daine is shown talking, Peter is listening. Reference image - -
5 - Peter relaxed, Diane relaxed Peter and Diane are ending their discussion. Both are shown talking [different pose]. Reference image - -
6 - Peter full profile Normal, talking to the reader - -
7 - Diane full profile Normal, talking to the reader - -
8 - Peter interested, Diane relaxed Peter and Diane are sitting together discussing over a cup of coffee. Both are shown talking [different pose]. Extra image - artist's rendition - -

Sara (Welcome to Wikipedia)[edit]

SN Dialog (tentative) Mood Suggestions Filename Comments
1 Hi! My name is Sara. I use Wikipedia regularly, whenever I need to learn more about a topic. But I have been wondering who writes the articles? Why do the articles change sometimes? I have read that anyone can edit Wikipedia. Can I do it too? How do I do that? Normal Full profile 1.png 1. Can you reduce the hair margin 2. Can the strands merge better with hair (maybe reduce the white and increase the black in the hair in the same proportion as other sketches.)3. Global: Render her pants a little more. Refer pants of ira_v2 for reference. 4. Could you improve Sara's right hand (the one that is raised) by making it proportional to the rest of the body?
2 That sounds awesome! But where can I begin? Keen and curious Face and shoulders (upper body) 2.png 1. Show her facing and talking to the learner. Turn the head. 2. Global: For all her dialogues, let her talk to the audience, facing them. To create interest, Sara could have different poses. But when she speaks, she faces the audience.
3 But who decides what gets published? A editor in chief, somewhere? Wondering Funnily this is pretty good. :) 3.bmp Looks good! No change.
4 This sounds like more fun that I originally thought. Giving something back to Wikipedia also makes sense. Where do I start? Interested Talking to the learners, Maybe she can pose something like this 4.bmp No change.
5 Look, I have an account on Wikipedia. Now it's more easy to keep track of how the collaboration with the other users is evolving. I wouldn't for example want someone to put in false facts in the articles that I have worked on. Matter-of-fact Upper body 5.png Could you make her facial expression softer and pleasant (Refer: 13.png). Maybe she can pose something like this.
6 I still haven't figured out where I can find the tools I need to start editing Wikipedia. There's so many things to look at. Confused Upper body (till waist) 6.png No change.
7 Who created this article? It is so well-written! Impressed Big eyes, face and shoulders. Check this out. 7.bmp No change.
8 I wonder if I am smart enough to write an article like that. And where do I start? Self doubt Face, shoulders and hands No change
9 What just happened? The change I did to this article is no longer there. Someone must have taken it out. Why did this other user just remove the change I made? I don't understand. Totally confused, perplexed Face, shoulders. Refer 9.bmp Could you make her finger shorter and not touching her lip. Maybe you can make her fold her fingers on the chin.
10 Oh, I am going to add the articles I have been working on so that I can find them more quickly in the future. [pause] Oh, now it says that I have a message. Interested Busily working on the computer 10.png 1. Could you reduce the shadow of her hands on the computer - it seems too large. 2. Align the keyboard to her hands. 3. Maybe position a mouse somewhere? 4. Global: Make the monitor thinner/modern. Reference image
11 The message I got was very kind, and explained what had happened. It really inspired me to make my first real edits. I can't believe how quickly people notice what you do here. That's really amazing. Happy and matter of fact Looking in front - talking to the reader. Refer 11.bmp You might want to redo her right hand. Otherwise, she looks great!
12 I am still a bit nervous about making my first edits. What if I do something wrong? And what should I strive for? I mean, I am not going to write the perfect article directly. A little unsure Refer 12.bmp Looks great!
13 Well, you cannot help but dream about writing an article that will appear on the main page of a website with millions of readers. Dreamy Hand on the face, computer in front, and shown thinking 13.png 1. All reviewers really liked Sara's look as well as the angle that you got of her in this sketch. It looks awesome! 2. Shirt at the top seems swelled. Could you take a second look and see how it can be improved? Maybe reduce the distance between two sides of her coat?
14 All right, I want to write a good article. How do I do that? Keen and curious Face and shoulders (upper body) - No change
15 That does make sense. I think I have a book or two that I can use as a source for my articles. Right away, writing articles seems very much more manageable. Matter of fact Head and shoulder. Talking to the learner Refer - No change
16 I cannot find an article about this subject on Wikipedia. Should I wait until someone else writes the article? Talking normally Front profile, Refer - No change
17 All right, now I have saved the page! My very first new article. Great, that feels... wonderful. Just knowing that lots of people will read it... wow! Tired and happy On the computer, head turned towards the learner, talking. Refer - No change
18 Well, time sure flies on Wikipedia! I just discovered that I have more than a hundred edits. It did not take long for another Wikipedian with the same interests to find my edits through her Watchlist and contact me on my talk page. Now we have contact outside Wikipedia as well - and she lives in Kolkata, India. Pleasant Head and shoulders Talking to the reader Refer We obviously do not want the phone :) - No change
19 Before my next trip to Morocco next month, I will use Wikipedia's Create a book feature. [She points to the menu on the left.] I will collect all articles that I need and get a personal travelogue printed. Wikipedia really has many more features than I originally thought. Just talking, different pose Sitting with the computer and points to the Create a book feature on the main page that is visible on the computer screen 19.png 1. She might need to point higher and towards the left margin for Create a book feature. 2. Can her monitor be made thinner and a little more modern? 3. Could you reduce the size of the table so that the overall image is smaller. 4. Instead of a chair, can she be seated on a stool? Refer image 10.png 4. Global: Make Sara central to all props (computer, desk, stool etc.). The props should take the least space necessary to convey the thought.
20 As a fairly new Wikipedia editor I remember my first edits well. I try to use that and welcome other new users that edit the same articles I edit. Perhaps I can help them avoid some of the common pitfalls. In that area I have learn ed lot from the veteran users, that may have thousands of edits and seem very sure of what they are doing. But all of them started like me. Talking. Full profile Refer - No change