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The education team endeavors to fulfill the Wikimedia movement's strategy direction by working to build a generation of multiliterate people that understand how to both consume and contribute to open knowledge, creating a world where knowledge is available and equitable for everyone.

We focus our work on two core values:[edit]


The Education Team strives to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in the Wikimedia movement as both consumers and contributors to open knowledge. That’s why we value inclusion. Living this value means prioritizing work that facilitates participation for people who are currently left out for various reasons.

Future Generations[edit]

The work we do will inevitably impact future generations. Living this value means prioritizing work that ensures that future generations have the skills they need to participate in our movement, and also that the content available to them better reflects the diversity of knowledge in the world.

The impact we are working toward[edit]

  1. Wikimedia education volunteers will have fewer barriers to carrying out education activities
  2. Increase the number of Wikimedia education leaders from areas of the world that are underrepresented or marginalized by dominant knowledge systems
  3. Increase the number of education professionals from underrepresented geographies/institutions who incorporate Wikimedia projects and processes into their teaching
  4. Students who use Wikimedia as part of their learning will gain tools to create knowledge and think critically about information and the world
  5. Improve the digital literacy of students and families who are connected to Wikimedia projects and activities in education
  6. Influence policymakers and decision-makers to institutionalize Wikimedia in education

As part of the Community Programs team, our annual plan is embedded within the Community Programs annual plan.

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