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The booklets and handouts here were developed by the Wikimedia Foundation for course instructors and were created or updated in 2013-14. The file pages include links to download the source files and links to translations, if available. This localization guide can be used to adapt any of the booklets to your wiki's local language and specific needs. Additional materials can be found on Wikimedia Commons. To request printed copies, please contact the Wikimedia Foundation's Wikipedia Education Program team at education﹫

Editing brochures

Editing Wikipedia Illustrating Wikipedia Evaluating Wikipedia

Education brochures

Instructor Basics The Essentials Case Studies Sample Syllabus

Welcome brochures

This manual covers what Wikipedia is, how Wikipedia works, account creation, the user interface, how to contribute, the life of an article, article quality, and article creation. You can access and contribute on-wiki translations here. You can also download the source files.

Classroom handouts

Here is a selected set of one-page handouts, covering the specifics of many of the common tasks and problems that come up in typical wiki-based assignments. The handouts can be printed and given out to students. Click to see the file page, which will include links to translations, if available. Additional handouts, created for a variety of specific uses, can be found on Wikimedia Commons. You can also download the source files.

Other resources

This is a collection of other relevant resources related to teaching and learning how to use Wikimedia projects in classroom assignments. Additional resources can be found on Wikimedia Commons.