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James M. Lipuma
Teacher Education Programs Director
Davida Scharf
Director of Reference & Instruction
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Course name
Technical Communication

Course level (undergraduate/graduate)
Advanced undergraduates

Learning objectives
Writing Skills Development    
Media and Information Literacy   
Critical Thinking and Research Skills   
Wiki Technical and Communication Skills

Discipline of course
English in a Humanities Department

Class size

Individual or group assignment

Duration of assignment
8 weeks

Syllabus (part 1)
Syllabus (part 2)
Assignment handout (part 1)
Assignment handout (part 2)
Grading rubric (part 1)
Grading rubric (part 2)


We asked students to identify articles needing revision and improve them by editing definitions, adding content, and adding reliable and appropriate sources as references.

Students prepared a written response to a request for a proposal in which they made a case for why the changes were needed, why they were qualified to make them, and why their sources would provide adequate support. After revising the article, the students reflected on their work by persuading Dr. Lipuma in a formal letter that they actually accomplished the work they had proposed.

(CC-BY-SA 3.0) by Jay Walsh