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Editing Wikipedia

Lila Pagola
Cristina Siragusa
National University of Villa María

Course name
Taller de diseño y producción multimedial (Workshop of Multimedia design and production)
Metodología de la investigación audiovisual (Audiovisual research methodology)

Course level (undergraduate/graduate)
Fourth-year undergraduates

Learning objectives
Writing Skills Development   
Media and Information Literacy    
Critical Thinking and Research Skills   
Wiki Technical and Communication Skills  

Discipline of course
Audiovisual Design

Class size

Individual or group assignment

Duration of assignment
16 weeks

Resources Assignment details for 2012 course List of created and edited articles


Students choose an aspect of their research topic in the audiovisual field, for creating or improving an article of Spanish Wikipedia

This is an assignment proposed by two courses, with different objectives each one: the course "Audiovisual research methodology" works on the conceptual and methodological skills: finding the topic, reviewing literature, etc. The course "Workshop of Multimedia design" works on wiki editing, Wikipedia community dynamics and media literacy skills, such as strategies of research with online resources, validation of sources, etc.

Both courses share an special class about how to edit Wikipedia, and specially how to identify an enciclopaedic topic related to the student's research topic, for creating or improving an article of Wikipedia.