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Jennifer Geigel Mikulay
Assistant Professor of Professional Communication
Alverno College, Milwaukee

Course name
Advanced Media Studies

Course level (undergraduate/graduate)
Advanced undergraduates, many of whom are returning students

Learning objectives
Writing Skills Development
Media and Information Literacy    
Critical Thinking and Research Skills  
Wiki Technical and Communication Skills    

Discipline of course

Class size

Individual or group assignment

Duration of assignment
4 weeks



Students created an original informational video to illustrate a Wikipedia article dealing with a subject related to architecture, dance, heritage, landscape, machines, music, parks, or sports.

The project was designed to facilitate the expansion and integration of media knowledge. Students experimented, problem solved, engaged aesthetic abilities, and applied insights from course readings and independent research. All images and music had to be original, out of copyright, or available with a Creative Commons Share-Alike license.

The assignment was designed to increase media literacy, provide experience with digital video, and encourage web content development. Students learned about Wikipedia as a digital project and as a collaborative community with a specific culture. They learned about the uneven gender dynamic in Wikipedia and tech fields generally. They also learned the value of sharing their work in a highly accessible venue. The feedback students got meant a lot to them. When Wikipedians left notes on their talk pages or otherwise commented on the videos, the students really learned from the engagement.

Time lapse of Milwaukee Art Museum brise soleil from multiple perspectives

(CC-BY-SA 3.0) by Katy Lederer