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Case study title[edit]

The concise title of your case study. Try to draft the title so that the reader knows what they will learn from this case study. Ex. Case study on teacher training in Bolivia. Descriptive is better than catchy.


We suggest writing this section last. In 1-3 paragraphs describe the most important aspects of the case study, summarizing the other sections.


Here you will go into detail about the cultural, institutional, and wiki background of your project. Context is very important in education programs, and another leader in a similar context might take away more if they can understand the connections. Be sure to describe: The local culture, the available resources (financial, material, and other organizational capacity), the skills and attitudes of the main learners or participants prior to the intervention (had the students ever heard of Wikipedia? Have they used technology in the classroom before?). Here you can talk about any policies that could impact the project positively or negatively. You can also describe the dynamics of the Wikimedia community you engaged with, since they can differ from language to language, and project to project.


Here, as much as possible, describe the background of the project. Who was involved? What partnerships were necessary? Who were other stakeholders that needed to be influenced or managed (ex. Community members, parents, school leadership). Did you have a budget? Were there other donors involved? What were their requirements? What was the project timeline? Did you do a needs assessment before you designed the project? What made you think your project would be beneficial in this context?

Project goals[edit]

Clearly describe what this project was meant to accomplish. Talk about evaluation strategies, learning outcomes and any other impact that was considered when designing the project. Here you can be brief and concise.


Describe in detail the steps you took to implement this project. How did you plan and execute the project? Did you do any ongoing monitoring of the project? What data did you collect? If you used particular resources or tools documented online, make sure to provide links to them. Feel free to link to non-English resources, too! We want to see what people are using in various parts of our global community


Describe the results of your project. Did you meet your goals? Did the data you collected help you to evaluate whether or not you met your goals? Do you have any statistics or evidence of your impact? What unmeasurable or hard-to-measure outcomes happened as a result of the project? How do you know?

Lessons learned[edit]

What challenges did you foresee and how did you plan to overcome them? Did any challenges come up that you did not expect? How did you troubleshoot? What would you do differently next time? What advice would you give to someone looking to do a similar project?

Future directions[edit]

What will happen now that the project has finished? Is there a phase 2? Will the beneficiaries be able to continue without your support? Does something more need to happen? Do you need further support?


Please share the link to relevant resources that you used or created. Did you create and use a presentation? (powerpoint or similar) Did you create handouts? Did you give prizes to participants? Did you create a list of links to be use during the activity? Did you create a session plan? Is there a photo gallery of the activity? Are there any blog posts or newsletter articles about this project?